• 6KWをシングル6U(10.5”)シャーシに収容
  • 1kVから150kVの機種をご用意
  • リモート・アナログ/リモート・イーサネット・ インターフェース
  • アークおよび短絡保護
  • イーサネット・インターフェースを通じて ユーザーによる機能設定が可能
  • OEM特注可能

6kW 高圧電源

スペルマンのSTRシリーズ、6kW高圧電源装置は、正または 負の極性で19機種を取り揃え、1kV~150kVの出力をカバー します。機能満載のフロント・パネルはローカル制御しやすく、 また、拡張的なアナログインターフェースが包括的なリモート制 御能力を提供します。標準のイーサネットおよびRS-232デジ タル・インターフェースにより、STRをお客様のシステム設計 へ簡単に統合できます。

STRの頑丈なIGBTインバータは本質的に無停止型で、半導体 加工や真空蒸着などの用途に理想的です。多数の運転機能をお客 様特有のご要求に合わせて構成できます。


  • イオンビーム注入
  • 半導体加工
  • 電子ビーム溶接
  • コンデンサ充電
  • 高出力RF送信機
  • 電気集塵装置
  • X線システム

STR High Voltage Power Supply (CE logo).jpg


(Ref. 128102-001 REV. F)


Input Voltage:

Standard: 180-264Vac, 50/60Hz, three phase, 90% efficiency, 0.85 power factor

Optional: 360-528Vac 50/60Hz, three phase (400VAC) 180-264Vac 50/60Hz, single phase (1PH)

Input Current:

Standard: 180-264Vac, three phase 25 amps, maximum

Optional: 360-528Vac, three phase 12.5 amps, maximum 180-264Vac, single phase 57 amps, maximum

Output Voltage:

19 models from 1kV to 150kV. Each model is available with positive or negative outputs. 1kV to 10kV units are internally reversible.

Local Output Controls:

Voltage and current are continuously adjustable over entire range via ten-turn potentiometers with lockable counting dials.

Voltage Regulation:

Load: 0.05% of full voltage +500mV for full load change.

Line: 0.05%of full voltage +500mV over specified input range.

Current Regulation:

Load: 0.05% of full current ±100µA for any voltage change.

Line: 0.05% of full current over specified input range.


0.1% p-p +1Vrms


0.02%hr. after 1 hour warm-up.

Temperature Coefficient:

100ppm/°C. Higher stability (50ppm/°C) available on special order via the HS option


Temperature Range:

Operating: 0°C to 40°C 
Storage: -40°C to 85°C


10% to 90% RH, non-condensing.


Forced air; inlet through side panels, outlet at rear panel


Digital voltage and current meters, accurate to within 1%

System Status Display:

“Dead Front” type indicators provide status of up to 12 system operations including voltage and current regulation, fault conditions and circuit control.

Analog Interface Connector:

50 pin female D connector

High Voltage Output Cable:

A detachable 10’ (3.05m) long shielded HV cable is provided


1kV to 120kV:

10.5. (6U)H X 19. W X 21. D (266mm x 482mm x 533mm)


10.5. (6U)H X 19. W X 23. D (266mm x 482mm x 584mm)


1kV to 50kV: <100 pounds (45.36kg)

60kV to 120kV: <140 pounds (63.50kg)

150kV: <150 pounds (68kg)

Individual kV models may vary

Regulatory Approvals:

2004/108/EC, the EMC Directive and 2006/95/EC, the Low Voltage Directive. RoHS compliant.

Hardware Based Options:

BFP - Blank Front Panel  
HS - High Stability  
LL(X) - High Voltage Cable Length  
400VAC - 360-528Vac, Three Phase Input  
1PH - 180-264Vac, Single Phase Input

Software Configurable Features:

Adjustable Overload Trip Arc Trip Count Arc Quench Time Arc Re-Ramp Time Constant Power Control Adjustable Power Trip Slow Start Ramp Times

Digital Interface

The STR features a standard RS-232 and Ethernet digital interface. Utilizing these standard digital interfaces can dramatically simplify power supply interfacing requirements saving the user both time and money, while enhancing functionality and overall capability. Spellman provides a GUI with the STR that allows the customer to both cus­tomize operational features of the STR while also providing basic power supply operational features. Details of the STR’s digital interface capability are described in detail in the STR manual, downloadable via the link on the first page of this data sheet.

Main control screen

STRシリーズ 6kW 高圧電源 (Image 2).jpg

Status screen

STRシリーズ 6kW 高圧電源 (Image 3).jpg

User configuration screen

STRシリーズ 6kW 高圧電源 (Image 4).jpg

Arc Intervention

Spellman’s STR power supplies have an arc intervention feature that senses arc currents via a fast acting current sense transformer. The purpose of the arc intervention circuitry is to prevent power supply damage from contin­uous, long term arcing. The factory default configuration will trip off the unit with an Arc Fault if 4 arcs occur in a 10 second time period. Customers can change basic arc intervention parameters (Arc Count, Arc Quench, Reramp Time, and Window Time) within preset limits via the digital interface; customized units can be provided for unique arc prone environments, contact Spellman for details.

STRシリーズ 6kW 高圧電源 (Image 5).jpg

STR rear panel view


Maximum Rating Model Number
kV mA  
1 6,000 STR1*6
2 3,000 STR2*6
3 2,000
4 1,500 STR4*6
6 1,000 STR6*6
750 STR8*6
10 600 STR10*6
12 500 STR12*6
15 400 STR15*6
20 300 STR20*6
30 200 STR30*6
40 150 STR40*6
50 120 STR50*6
60 100 STR60*6
70 86 STR70*6
80 75 STR80*6
100 60 STR100*6
120 50 STR120*6
40 STR150*6

*Substitute “P” for positive polarity and “N” for negative polarity. Polarity must be specified at time of order.

1-10kV units are inherently reversible by design requiring an internal wiring change to swap polarities. Intermediate voltage units are available by special order.  


Pin Signal Parameters
1 Power Supply Common  Power Supply Ground
2 Reset/HV Inhibit  Normally open, Low = Reset/Inhibit
3 External Interlock  +24Vdc @ open, <25mA @ closed
4 External Interlock Return  Return for External Interlock
5 mA Test Point  0-10Vdc = 0-100% rated output, Zout= 1KΩ, 1%
6 kV Test Point  0-10Vdc = 0-100% rated output, Zout= 1KΩ, 1%
7 +10Vdc Reference Output +10Vdc @ 1mA
8 mA Program Input 0-10Vdc = 0-100% rated output, Zin>10MΩ
9 Local mA Program Output 0-10Vdc = 0-100% rated output, front panel pot
10 kV Program Input 0-10Vdc = 0-100% rated output, Zin>10MΩ
11 Local kV Program Output 0-10Vdc = 0-100% rated output, front panel pot
12 Remote Power On Output +24Vdc @ open, 2A peak, 1Adc @ closed
13 Remote Power On Return Return for Remote Power On
14 Remote HV Off  +24Vdc @ open, 2A peak, 1Adc @ closed, connect to
pin15 for front panel operation
15 Remote HV Off/On Common HV On/Off Common
16 Remote HV On  +24Vdc @ open, 2A peak, 1Adc @ closed, momentarily
connect to pin 15 enable high voltage
17 HV Off Indicator +24Vdc @ 25mA = HV Off
16 HV On Indicator +24Vdc @ 25mA = HV On
19 Power Supply Common Supply Ground
20 +24Vdc Output +24Vdc @ 100mA, maximum
21 Voltage Mode Status Open Collector, Low = Active
22 Current Mode Status Open Collector, Low = Active
23 Power Mode Status Open Collector, Low = Active
24 Interlock Closed Status Open Collector, Low = Active
25 Power Test Point 0-10Vdc = 0-100% rated output, Zout= 5KΩ, 1%
26 Spare  
27 Spare  
28 Remote Overvoltage Adjust 0-10Vdc = 0-100% rated output
29 Over Power Fault Open Collector, Low = Active
30 Over Voltage Fault Open Collector, Low = Active
31 Over Current Fault Open Collector, Low = Active
32 System Fault Open Collector, Low = Active
33 RGLT Error Fault Open Collector, Low = Active
34 Arc Open Collector, Low = Active
35 Over Temp Fault Open Collector, Low = Active
36 AC Fault Open Collector, Low = Active
37 Spare  
38 Spare  
39 Spare  
40 Spare  
41 Spare  
42 Remote Power Program Input 0-10Vdc = 0-100% rated output, Zin>10MΩ
43 Local Power Program Output 0-10Vdc = 0-100% rated output, internal pot
44 +5Vdc Output +5Vdc @ 100mA, maximum
45 +15Vdc Output +15Vdc @ 100mA, maximum
46 -15Vdc Output -15Vdc @ 10mA, maximum
47 RS232 Tx  
48 RS232 Rx  
49 RS232 GND  
50 Power Supply Common Power Supply Ground

Tables & Diagrams



STRシリーズ 6kW 高圧電源 (Image 8)


STRシリーズ 6kW 高圧電源 (Image 6)


STRシリーズ 6kW 高圧電源 (Image 7)

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult the PDF version of this datasheet for the most up-to-date revision.