High Voltage Power Supplies

Spellman high voltage power supplies are complex power conversion circuits that convert a lower voltage potential to a higher voltage potential. Typical output voltages for Spellman’s high voltage power supplies are 1kV to 360kV, although ranges of 62V to 500kV are offered. Our range of output power spans from less than a watt to over 200 kilowatts.

The high voltage power supplies we offer fall into the following categories:

Modules are often the form factor of choice for OEM applications where the high voltage power supply will be integrated into a higher level system. A cost effective solution, modules will typically not have a front panel or local controls. Indicators and trim pots may be available but, typically, control and monitoring is done by remote analog or digital signals. Input can be AC or DC, depending on model.

Spellman’s rack mount and bench top high voltage power supplies span output voltages from 500 volts to 360kV while providing power ranging from 10 watts to >100kW kilowatts. These power supplies are used in a wide variety of applications: Ion Beam Implantation, Electron Beam Welding, Electrostatic Separators, Electron Beam Evaporation, Ion Milling, Neutron Generators, Plasma Igniters, Sputtering, Marx Generators, Electrostatic Lenses and Oil Well Data Logging.

High voltage X-Ray generators consist of integrated high voltage and filament power supplies with emission loop control circuitry. They may be modular or rack mounted. Spellman’s X-Ray generators set the standard for compact size and high performance, with the reliability required by leading customers around the world.

Monoblock® is a Spellman High Voltage Electronics registered trademarked name for a series of turnkey X-Ray sources comprised of a high voltage power supply, filament power supply, control electronics and integrated X-Ray tube packaged in a simple, cost effective assembly used in various medical and industrial X-Ray analysis applications.

Spellman offers custom and application specific high voltage power supplies.

Even though we offer one of the most diverse, if not the most diverse standard product lines of any high voltage power supply company in the world, Spellman welcomes inquiries for custom designed power conversion and X-Ray source products. In fact, converting customer requirements into deliverable products is one of the mainstays of our philosophy.

Our high voltage power supply applications and technical team is the World’s largest, with a wide range of specialists dedicated to the design, research and development of applied HV power supply technology. With over 75 years in the business, we have expertise in numerous switching topologies including: Resonant, Quasi-Resonant, Soft Switching, Pulse Width Modulated and Linear converter designs. Spellman holds several landmark high voltage power conversion and control system patents.

Spellman's custom and application specific high voltage power supplies are used in a wide range of applications:

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