Custom and Application Specific High Voltage Power Supplies

Even though we offer one of the most diverse, if not the most diverse standard product lines of any high voltage power supply company in the world, Spellman welcomes inquiries for custom designed power conversion and X-Ray source products. In fact, converting customer requirements into deliverable products is one of the mainstays of our philosophy.

Our high voltage applications and technical team is the worlds largest, with a wide range of specialists dedicated to the design, research and development of applied HV power supply technology. With over 75 years in the business we have expertise in numerous switching topologies including: Resonant, Quasi-Resonant, Soft Switching, Pulse Width Modulated and Linear converter designs. Spellman holds several landmark high voltage power conversion and control system patents.

Spellman's diverse engineering capabilities range from miniature 200 milliwatt wave solderable SMT modules for used in medical diagnostics, to powerful 200 kilowatt multi-chassis rack mounted high voltage power supply units powering industrial magnetrons. We can design the high voltage dc converter you need.  Whether you need a 250 volt power supply to bias a detector or a 360kV supply used for ion beam implantation, a 96kW CT scanner high voltage power supply, a capacitor charge module/power supply or electrophoresis high voltage power supplies, Spellman's engineering group has the skills and knowledge to transform your ideas into reality.

Spellman's investment and adherence to a rigoruous development methodology assures that the power supply you purchase has been designed, built and tested to the highest possible standards. Whatever your high voltage power supply requirements are, Spellman has the Engineering skill and manufacturing capability to deliver and support the hardware you need.

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