Spellman High Voltage is a leading supplier of X-Ray systems for non destructive testing applications and our SPX Series are perfectly suited for today’s demanding NDT inspection requirements. The portable, constant potential, Lorad SPX series (SPX160, SPX200, and SPX300) X-Ray units have set new standards for non destructive testing imaging systems in the aerospace and defense industry and in industrial applications where it is critical to pinpoint the tiniest fault before it becomes a dangerous and expensive problem.

SPX units are rugged, yet easy to transport and economical to maintain. They can be line or portable generator powered automatically adapting to standard input voltages to permit all day inspection under extreme conditions virtually anywhere.

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Portable X-Ray Imaging Products

Lorad LPX Brochure
Lorad LPX Series System FAQ's
Voltage Range
800 W-900 W
160kV - 300kV