Rack Mount High Voltage Power Supplies

Spellman’s rack mount and bench top high voltage power supplies span output voltages from 500 volts to 360kV while providing power ranging from 10 watts to >100kW kilowatts. Rack mount power supplies are used in a wide variety of applications like: Ion Beam Implantation, Electron Beam Welding, Electrostatic Separators, Electron Beam Evaporation, Ion Milling, Neutron Generators, Plasma Igniters, Sputtering, Marx Generators, Electrostatic Lenses and Oil Well Data Logging.

Rack Mount/Bench Top

Voltage Range
10 W-1.2 kW
1kV - 130kV
1.2 kW
150kV - 150kV
2 kW
0.5kV - 50kV
2 kW
160kV - 360kV
4 kW
1kV - 70kV
6 kW
1kV - 150kV
12 kW-120 kW
1kV - 225kV