High Voltage Power Resources

As a leader in high voltage power conversion, we are pleased to provide a vast library of resources to help you learn more about the use of our products and high voltage technology.

Browse through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for answers to some of the more common inquires regarding the use of our high voltage power supplies.

Our Safety FAQS provide important reference safety information; please take the time to review the content. This information alone should not be construed or interpreted as safety training or a safety policy. Safety should be locally implemented by education, training and consistent adherence to comprehensive safety policies and procedures. Only trained and qualified individuals should install or use these products they have the potential to cause serious injury and death. Remember, safety first.

The Application Notes section addresses a variety of more in depth technical issues, providing helpful information on various high voltage related topics. Spellman’s comprehensive glossary of terms is the largest and most detailed in the high voltage power supply industry. This important reference tool can be instrumental in deciphering technical terms for both the casual and experienced power supply user. 

Spellman maintains an online listing of products that have obtained formal UL certifications. The documents pertaining to each specific unit are available for download by clicking on the appropriate link.

We hope you find the answer to your questions using the information provided here. If you still need some technical assistance, please feel free to contact us.