Modules are often the form factor of choice for OEM applications where the power supply will be integrated into a higher level system. A cost effective solution, modules will typically not have a front panel or local controls. Indicators and trim pots may be available features but, typically, control and monitoring is done by remote analog or digital signals. Input can be AC or DC, depending on model.


Voltage Range
0.5 W-2 W
2.5kV - 10kV
0.9 W
1kV - 3kV
1.9 W-4 W
0.5kV - 7.5kV
3 W
0.3kV - 3kV
4 W-30 W
0.062kV - 6kV
4 W-30 W
8kV - 40kV
10 W
1kV - 30kV
10 W
1kV - 30kV
20 W
1kV - 20kV
60 W
1kV - 60kV
60 W-125 W
8kV - 20kV
300 W-1.2 kW
1kV - 160kV