Medical Imaging, Diagnostics and Therapy Solutions

Spellman's products and technology play an important role in the medical imaging, diagnostics and therapy markets. Our high voltage power supply and X-Ray generator products enable and improve the delivery of medical care, from generating X-Rays to powering detectors. They span the range from 1kV to 320kV and from a few watts to over 100 kilowatts. Applications include:

  • Rotating CT Scanning
  • Mammography
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Dental CT
  • General Radiology and Fluoroscopy
  • Tomography and Digital Radiography
  • Nuclear Imaging
  • LINAC / Radiation Oncology Therapy
  • Biopsy Specimen Radiography

By building on our experience and partnering with industry innovators, Spellman continues to develop cutting-edge power supplies for emerging medical imaging applications.