Our new, Ultra-Fast MMB3.5kW Monoblock® high voltage x-ray source is specifically designed for surgical C-Arm usage such as orthopedic, general surgery and imaging extremities. This powerful unit benefits from Spellman’s 70 plus years of high voltage innovation encompassing advanced technology and design expertise in conjunction with depth of manufacturing capabilities. In the MMB 3.5kW, Spellman’s core technologies increase the fidelity of the x-ray pulse and allow shorter exposures which significantly reduces dose to the patient. Pulsed fluoroscopy mode allows higher mA to be used increasing contrast and improving detail even in dense and hard to image anatomy at comparable or lower dose rates vs other available x-ray sources. Featuring sub millisecond rise-times, Spellman’s MMB series is among the fastest in the industry. Multiple tube inserts are offered to help optimize geometry and image quality.

Spellman’s XRB011 Series Monoblock® X-Ray sources are designed for OEM applications from 80kV and 20W up to 80kV at 50W. Features like 24Vdc input voltage, small package size, standard analog sand RS-232/Ethernet digital interfaces simplify integration into your system. Proprietary emission control circuitry provides excellent regulation of X-Ray tube current, along with outstanding stability and performance. The XRB011 is a great choice for tissue biopsy and orthopedic imaging systems where high resolution capabilities are vital.

Download the MMB Brochure.