Computed Tomography (CT)

For over 40 years, Spellman has been the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art high frequency CT generators. Spellman helped to pioneer the modern helical CT scanner by providing the first ever generator mounted on a continuously rotating gantry. Continuing technical innovations have earned Spellman the reputation as the premier manufacturer of CT generators and various other X-Ray applications. Today our state of the art CT Generator platforms cover all of your system needs. Our generators feature industry leading performance in rise time, arc management and unmatched reliability.

Spellman provides solutions for all platforms (8 slice to 256 slice) – value to premium to custom – depending on your needs. We build individual components as well as subsystems at all power levels with high rotational speed to 300 rpm. Our products provide the highest level diagnostics available and incorporate universal compatibility with all tubes. When you work with Spellman, you are guaranteed the best quality and reliability in the business.

All Spellman CT Generators include Active Arc Management (AAM) technology, allowing system designers to customize how the image chain responds to, recovers and handles various levels of tube events.

Spellman’s turnkey Subsystems deliver a complete image chain from Mains to Photons. Working with Spellman eliminates any confusion between tube and generator interactions, as we will take the responsibility to work with tube suppliers to deliver a fully calibrated and focal spot characterized subsystem to you.