High Voltage Power Supplies & Safety Information

What is a safe level of high voltage?

Safety is absolutely paramount in every aspect of Spellman's high voltage endeavors. To provide the maximum margin of safety to Spellman's employees and customers alike, we take the stand that there is no "safe" level of high voltage. Using this guideline, we treat every situation that may have any possible high voltage potential associated with it as a hazardous, life threatening condition. We strongly recommend the use of interlocked high voltage Faraday Cages or enclosures, the interlocking of all high voltage access panels, the use of ground sticks to discharge any source of high voltage, the use of external interlock circuitry, and the prudent avoidance of any point that could have the slightest chance of being energized to a high voltage potential. The rigorous enforcement of comprehensive and consistent safety practices is the best method of ensuring user safety.