Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry instruments require high voltage solutions for the Ionization, Mass Separation and Detection processes, demanding high performance together with polarity reversal in compact customized solutions. Spellman offers an extensive portfolio of standard and customized solutions, providing ppm level performance High Voltage throughout the instrument architecture. Discreet modules through to complex integrated multiple output supplies are on offer, with both analog and digital interfaces. Spellman’s extensive application knowledge and unique design capabilities enable the design of exacting products that achieve the ever-increasing demands of the Mass Spectrometer manufacturer, whether it be low ripple and micro discharge, ultra-low temperature coefficient or fast polarity reversal and settling times. Solutions are available for ‘all’ high voltage throughout the Time-of-Flight (TOF), MALDI-TOF, Quadrapoles, ICP, Ion Trap, LC and GC MS, and Ion Mobility instrument types.