• Floating, Programmable 4kV Output
  • Output Isolated to 15kV
  • Well Regulated, Low Ripple
  • Output Voltage Monitor
  • Compact Shielded Metal Enclosure
  • Arc and Short Circuit Protected

*Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult the English PDF version of this datasheet for the most up-to-date revision.

CE ROHS Marking

MCP4 Model | High Voltage DC DC Converter

Spellman’s MCP4 is a well-regulated, high performance DC-DC converter featuring a floating 4kV @ 600uA output, isolated to 15kV. The MCP4 low output ripple specification and high stability make it ideal for use with detectors in Mass Spectrometry applications such as: Electron Multipliers (EM’s), Microchannel Plates Detectors (MCP’s) and Channel Electron Multipliers. This module is packaged in a shielded metal enclosure and the high voltage output is provided via two captive one meter long shielded coaxial cables. The unit has remote 0-10Vdc = 0-100% rated voltage programming and voltage monitor. A TTL compliant Enable signal provides simple control of the high voltage output. This unit has specifically designed to minimize crosstalk with the high voltage source which it is floated upon. The MCP4 can be customized to meet OEM requirements.

Typical Applications:

  • Mass Spectrometry Detectors
  • Microchannel Plates
  • Electron Multipliers
  • Channel Electron Multipliers


(Ref. 128152-001 REV. B)

Input Voltage:

+24Vdc, ±5%

Input Current:

700 mA maximum

Output Voltage:

0 to 4kV, continuously variable over the entire output range

Output Current:

600uA maximum

Current Limit:

1900uA maximum


Reversible polarity inherent by design

Isolation Voltage:

Up to 15kV total to ground.
Note: When the unit output is set to zero and no load is connected: If the reference supply is positive (up to +15kV), +VE will always be less than 100V with respect to -VE. If the reference supply is negative (up to -15kV), a 47MΩ pre-load resistor fitted within the MCP4 limits +VE (with respect to -VE) to ≤ 1400V

Line Regulation:

50ppm for a ±5% line change

Load Regulation:

300ppm for a 10% to 100% load change

Voltage Programming:

0 to 10 volt corresponds to 0 to 100% of rated output voltage

Voltage Monitor:

0 to 10 volts corresponds to 0 to 100% of rated output voltage. Accuracy ±1%. Iout=300μA maximum



Injected Ripple:

30mVpp, on an appropriate, properly connected ground referenced high voltage generator

Temperature Coefficient:

20ppm per degree C


Temperature Range:

Operating: 0˚C to 50˚C
Storage: -30˚C to 85˚C


5% to 90%, non-condensing.


Convection cooled


1.81˝ H X 5.74˝ W X 9.53˝ D (46mm X 139mm X 242mm


3.85 pounds (1.75kg)

Interface/Power Connector:

9 pin male D connector

High Voltage Output Cable:

HV positive: 45.3” (1150mm) fly wire, HRG58 coaxial HV cable

HV negative: 45.3” (1150mm) fly wire, HRG58 coaxial HV cable

Regulatory Approvals:

Designed to meet IEC/UL 61010-1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use; CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.61010-1. CE marked to EN 61010-1. UKCA marked to BS EN 61010-1. RoHS compliant.


As the unit is designed for incorporation within the users system it is not tested against any specific EMC standards. The user will need to take sensible EMC precautions when designing the unit in and verify the overall system EMCperformance against any relevant standards.


PIN Signal Signal Parameters
1 Voltage Programing Input 0 to 10 volt. Accuracy=2% Zin=20kΩ
2 Voltage Programing Return Differential return for Voltage programming
3 Enable Enable = High (>2V) Vmax = 11V, Imax = 19mA
4 Enable Return Differential return for Enable
5 Power Ground Power Ground
6 Signal Ground Signal Ground
7 Voltage Monitor 0 to 10 volt corresponds to 0 to 100% of rated output. Accuracy ±1%. Iout=300μA maximum
8 N/C N/C
9 +24V Input +24Vdc Input


How to Order:
Standard: PART NO.: MCP4P

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 MCP4 Series



 MCP4 Series



MCP4 Series