MS Series

  • Low Cost
  • Output Voltages up to 3kV
  • 3 Watts Power Rating
  • Positive or Negative Polarity
  • Arc and Continuous Short Circuit Protected
  • Low Stored Energy
  • High Reliability
  • Internal 5V Reference
  • OEM Customization Available

*Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult the English PDF version of this datasheet for the most up-to-date revision.

CE ROHS Marking

3W DC-DC High Voltage Power Supplies

Spellman’s MS Modules have been designed for printed circuit board mounting with high reliability, small size and light weight. The MS 3W modules provide well regulated, low ripple, high stability output voltages ranging from 300V to 3kV in a versatile, compact and cost-effective design. The modules incorporate remote control and arc & short-circuit protection. Radiated pickup is eliminated by sealing each module in an aluminum enclosure.


  • Photomultiplier Tubes
  • Precision Lenses
  • Image Intensifiers
  • Nuclear Instruments
  • Spectroscopy


(Ref. 128018-001 REV. M)


I Isolated Input to Output
Maximum Isolation Voltage:
40V for units ≤1kV
100V for units >1kV


Input Voltage:

+12Vdc ±1V. Other input voltages also available.

Input Current: 

< 0.56A at full output.

Output Voltage: 

Continuously adjustable over each entire range Models available in either positive or negative polarity. See table for voltage ranges. 

Output Voltage Control: 

Remote voltage programming such that 0-5Vdc gives 0 to full rated output

Output Power: 

3W continuous

Load Regulation: 

< 0.05% for 100μA to full load change. (at max. voltage)

Output Voltage Control: 

Remote voltage programming such that 0-5Vdc 
gives 0 to full rated output 

Output Power: 3W continuous. 

Voltage Regulation:

Line: 0.005% for input change of 1V (<0.01% for MS0.3 units)
Load: 0.05% for 100µA to full load change at maximum voltage. (<0.1% for MS0.3 units)

Ripple: See MS selection table

5Vdc Reference: +5.0V (±0.2V). A maximum of 1mA can be drawn from this output. 


Operating: 0°C to +50°C. 
Storage: -35°C to +85°C. 

Temperature Coefficient: 50ppm/°C typical. 


 < 0.05%/8 hrs at constant operating conditions after one hour warm-up. 

Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing. 


Units ≤1kV:
.87”H x 2.1”W x 3.1”D (23mm x 53mm x 78mm).

Units >1kV:
1.1”H x 2.36”W x 4.2”D (28mm x 60mm x 106mm).


Units ≤1kV: 0.2lb (80g).
Units >1kV: 0.4lb (160g).

Regulatory Approvals: 

Designed to meet IEC/UL 61010-1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use; CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.61010-1. CE marked to EN 61010-1. RoHS compliant.

As the unit is designed for incorporation within the users system it is not tested against any specific EMC standards. The user will need to take sensible EMC precautions when designing the unit in and verify the overall system EMC performance against any relevant standard.




Output Voltage (V) Output Current (mA) Ripple V (p‑p) Model
300 10 0.03 MS0.3*
500 6 0.05 MS0.5*
750 4 0.075 MS0.75*
1000 3 0.10 MS1*
1500 2 0.15 MS1.5*
2000 1.5 0.20 MS2*
2500 1.2 0.25 MS2.5*
3000 1 0.30 MS3*


How to Order:

XX is the Output voltage (see selection table)
* is the polarity: P for positive / N for negative 12 is the input voltage. This is 12V /I is the floating output option., if required.

For example: MS2P12/C/I

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MS Series


MS Series

UNIT > 1000V UP TO 3000V


MS Series


MS Series

View on pins. Recommended hole size for terminals 1mm.

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