MPS20W DC-DC 20W High Voltage Power Supplies

MPS20W Series

  • Differential Input for Voltage Program
  • Voltage and Current Controls
  • Voltage and Current Monitors
  • High Stability
  • Ultra Low Ripple and Noise
  • High Voltage Enable Control

*Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult the English PDF version of this datasheet for the most up-to-date revision.

CE, ROHS, UL Marking

Spellman MPS20W DC-DC 20W High Voltage Power Supplies

Spellman’s new MPS20W series are a family of high voltage 20 Watt modules that provide output voltages ranging from 1kV to 20kV.

The MPS20W series are high performance products designed with Spellman’s hybrid topology of linear and switch mode power conversion techniques delivering lower noise with higher efficiency. The MPS20W series produces excellent ripple and stability performance specifications from a compact footprint. Additionally the MPS20W series features, as standard, a differential ampli­fier input for the voltage programming signal to improve immunity from external system noise and addressing any offset issues. Alternatively the output voltage may be pre-set by an internal potentiometer. A fully featured remote user interface is provided via 15-pin D-type connector as stan­dard. The output voltage is arc and short circuit protected and the power input has a current limiter fitted.

Spellman’s proprietary HV technology coupled with SMT circuitry results in an ultra compact and lightweight module that is available as either a positive or negative supply that is ideal for OEM applications.

Typical applications:

  • Photomultiplier Tubes
  • Microchannel Plate Detectors
  • Scintillators
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Electron and Ion Beams
  • Electrostatic Lenses
  • Nuclear Instruments
  • Electrostatic Printing


(Ref. 128064-001 REV. G)

Input Voltage:

+24 Vdc, ±2Vdc

Input Current:

≤ 1.5 amps

Output Voltage:

7 models available from 1kV to 10kV

Output Polarity:

Positive or negative, specify at time of order 


≤ 20 watts

Voltage Regulation:

Line: ≤ 0.001% of rated output voltage over specified input voltage

Load: ≤ 0.001% of rated output voltage for full load change

Current Regulation (Vcc Option):

Line: ≤ 0.01% for 1V input voltage change under any load conditions

Load: ≤ 0.001% for 0 to full load


See “model selection” table


≤ 0.01% per hour, 0.02% per 8 hours after 1.0 hour warm up period.

Temperature Coefficient: 

≤ 25ppm per degree C 


Temperature Range:

Operating: 0°C to 50°C

Storage: -35°C to 85°C


20% to 85% RH, non-condensing


Convection cooled 


1.31. H X 3.74. W X 5.91. D (33.5mm x 95mm x 150mm)


1-2kV:  15.17 oz. (430g)

3-10kV:  25.76 oz. (730g)

15-20kV: 35.30 oz. (1000g)

Interface Connector:

15 pin male D connector

Output Connector:

A captive 39.4. (1 meter) long shielded HV cable is provided

Regulatory Approvals:

Compliant to EEC EMC Directive. Compliant to EEC Low Voltage Directive.


Model Output Voltage Output Current Ripple (Vpp)
MPS1*20/24 0-1kV 20mA <25mV
MPS2*20/24 0-2kV 10 mA <50mV
MPS3*20/24 0-3kV 6.67mA <75mV
MPS5*20/24 0-5kV 4mA <125mV
MPS10*20/24 0-10kV 2mA <125mV
MPS15*20/24 0-15kV 1.33mA  <375mV 
MPS20*20/24 0-20kV  1mA <500mV 

 *Specify “P” for positive polarity or “N” for negative polarity. Custom units available.


Pin Signal Signal Parameters
1 Power/Signal Ground Ground
2 +24Vdc Input +24Vdc @ 1.5 amp maximum
3 Voltage Monitor Output 0 to 10Vdc=0 to 100% Rated Output, Zout =2.2kΩ
4 Local Programming Potentiometer Wiper Output Potentiometer connected to +10Vdc and
Ground, 0 to 10Vdc adjustable wiper output provided
5 Voltage Program Input 0 to 10Vdc=0 to 100% Rated Output, Zin=10MΩ
6 Voltage Program Differential Amplifier Output 0 to 10Vdc=0 to 100% Rated Output, Zout =2.2kΩ
7 Voltage Program Differential Amplifier Input—Positive 0 to 10Vdc differential between pin 7 and pin 9 = 0 to 100% of rated output, diode clamped to ground, Zin =38kΩ
8 Current Monitor Output 0 to 10Vdc = 0 to 100% Rated Output, Zout =2.2kΩ
9 Voltage Program Differential Amplifier Input—Negative 0 to 10Vdc differential between pin 7 and pin 9 = 0 to 100% of Rated Output, diode clamped to ground, Zin =38kΩ
10 No Connection No Connection
11 Current Program Input Standard: Internally connected to provide 110% fixed current limit VCC Option: 0 to 10Vdc=0 to 100% Rated Output, Zin=1MΩ
12 Enable Input Low = Enable, TTL, CMOS, Open Collector Compliant
13 Internal Connection No Connection
14 No Connection No Connection
15 Analog Signal Ground Analog Signal Ground

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