Whether it’s the integrity of structures or safety of food products, Spellman high voltage power supplies and X-Ray imaging products lead the way forward. Spellman provides a number of different power supplies for a wide variety of inspection applications including food inspection, thickness gauging, liquid level measurement, non-destructive testing of manufactured parts, Micro-focus circuit board and microelectronics inspection.

Many of the techniques used for inspection applications involve X-Ray imaging or sensing. Spellman offers modular and stand-alone X-Ray solutions for OEMs, system integrators and end-users. From single output high voltage modules, to integrated X-Ray generators to Monoblock® X-Ray Sources, to our portable LORAD brand X-Ray imaging systems, we offer a product for just about any configuration required. Features include integrated single and dual filament supplies (grounded and floating), grid bias supplies, closed loop emission control, bipolar outputs and advanced interface protocols.

Where a standard product may not be a perfect fit, Spellman can provide customized products for our OEM partners.