Industrial CT / 3D Imaging

Industrial computed tomography (CT) is used to produce 3D representations of solid objects to non destructively inspect mission critical parts and complex objects. Common applications include:

  • Void Analysis in Plastic or Metal Components
  • Flaw Detection
  • Failure Analysis
  • Metrology
  • Assembly Analysis
  • Part to CAD/Part to Part Comparison or Reverse Engineering

Spellman has a large selection of X-Ray generators and sources to choose from. Low to high density materials analysis benefits from Spellmans low ripple, high stability X-Ray generator and source platforms that improve image quality and throughput in Industrial CT imaging applications. Spellman's solutions are reliable and cost effective with industry leading warranties available. CE/UL compliant, superior performance, flexible standard products, low cost of ownership and ease of integration are the features that most Spellman customers see value in.