Spellman High Voltage has decades of experience designing and manufacturing Monoblock® X-Ray sources for medical and non-medical applications. Our newly introduced, compact MMB Series is designed to meet the stringent requirements of surgery and image guided interventional equipment. The MMB3.5 stationary anode 3.5 kW Monoblock® is ideally suited for general purpose fluoroscopic imaging while the MMB20 rotating anode 20 kW Monoblock® is ideal for customers who need higher power for procedures such as angiography. Multiple tube inserts are offered to help  optimize geometry and image quality.

 Spellman’s XRB011 Series Monoblock® X-Ray sources are designed for OEM applications from 80kV and 20W up to 80kV at 50W. Features like 24Vdc input voltage, small package size, standard analog sand RS-232/Ethernet digital interfaces simplify integration into your system. Proprietary emission control circuitry provides excellent regulation of X-Ray tube current, along with outstanding stability and performance. The XRB011 is a great choice for tissue biopsy and orthopedic imaging systems where high resolution capabilities are vital.