High Voltage Power Supplies & Safety Information

What kind of high voltage connector do you use on your supplies?

While most Spellman supplies typically come with one of two types of Spellman designed high voltage connector or cable arrangements, many other industry standards (Alden, Lemo,Kings, etc.) or custom cable/connectors can be provided.

Many of our lower power modular supplies are provided with a "fly wire" output cable. This output arrangement is a length of appropriately rated high voltage wire that is permanently attached to the unit. This wire may be shielded or non-shielded, depending on model. Catalog items come with fixed lengths and non-standard lengths are available via special order.

Most higher power units, both modular and rack mounted, are provided with a Spellman-designed and fabricated, detachable, high voltage cable/connector assembly, often referred to as a Delrin Connector.

Typically a deep well female connector is located on the supply and a modified coaxial polyethylene cable/connector arrangement is provided. The coaxial cable's PVC jacket and braided shield is stripped back exposing the polyethylene insulation. The length of the stripped back portion depends upon the voltage rating of the supply. A banana plug is attached to the center conductor at the end of the cable and a modified UHF or MS connector shell is used to terminate where the stripped back portion of the cable ends. This allows for a simple and reliable high voltage connection to be made to the supply. Cables can be easily connected or detached as required.

Below is a picture of a Typical Detachable High Voltage Cable. Please contact the Sales Department for additional information regarding special high voltage connector/cable and custom lengths.
Typical Detachable High Voltage Cable