High Voltage Power Supplies & Safety Information

What do you mean that the output side of the high voltage cable on most standard products is “unterminated”?

Typically, Spellman uses either a fly wire or detachable high voltage output cable to provide access to the high voltage power supplies output. A fly wire is mechanically captive to the unit, making replacement not possible. Detachable high voltage output cables allows for the simple exchange or replacement of the high voltage cable if/when required. 

Yet, be it a fly wire or detachable high voltage cable; the “load end” or “customer side” of the high voltage cable is typically provided unterminated. This unterminated end of the high voltage cable has no “connector”. Spellman strips back and removes the jacket and shield (if present), and removes about an inch of the primary insulation exposing the center conductor.

Our power supplies are use in a countless applications with various electrical and mechanical “high voltage connection” requirements. Therefore, Spellman lets the customer make the connection of the output side of the high voltage cable to their hardware as they see fit for their unique application. 

Frequently Spellman uses a propriety deep dry well connector on the power supply side when coaxial high voltage output cables are used. Over the years, we have informally referred to this as a delrin connector, due to the fact that as some of the first versions were made out of DuPont’s Delrin thermoplastic.  

Spellman does not sell or provide this propriety deep dry well connector. The typical delrin connector by itself has no high voltage standoff capabilities whatsoever. Only when this connector is incorporated into an appropriate high voltage design, done so by a skilled high voltage design engineer providing the proper breakdown distances, tracking distances, Faraday shielding and processed with vacuum silicone encapsulation does our delrin connector become a functional high voltage connector with the requisite high voltage isolation capabilities.