High Voltage Power Supplies & Safety Information

Can I program your supplies with a computer?

Yes, Spellman supplies can be programmed and controlled with a computer.

Most of Spellman's newer product releases come complete with our integrated SIC Option which provides the ability to program the unit via RS-232, Ethernet or USB protocols.

Many of our standard products that do not show the SIC Option as a possible offering on the data sheet, can in some cases be modified to have the SIC Option added to them. Please consult the Sales Department for details.

Supplies that can not be provided with the SIC Option can still be computer controlled.

Virtually all of our products can be remote programmed via an externally provided ground referenced signal. In most cases 0 to 10 volts corresponds to 0 to full-scale rated voltage and 0 to full-scale rated current. Output voltage and current monitor signals are provided in a similar fashion. External inhibit signals and/or HV ON and HV OFF functioning can be controlled via a ground referenced TTL signal or opening and/or closing a set of dry contacts. More detailed information regarding interfacing is provided in the product manual.