Product Recycling/Disposal

R2 Responsible RecyclingAt the end of their useful life cycle Spellman can recycle and dispose of all high voltage power supplies, X-Ray generators and Monoblock® X-Ray sources. Spellman works with R2 (Responsible Recycling), certified end-of-life electronics recyclers that offer several benefits for the environment and our customer’s intellectual property security.

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1. Safe and Responsible Disposal: End-of-life electronics contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and flame retardants. Spellman only works with R2 certified recyclers who are committed to environmentally responsible practices. We handle these hazardous substances carefully, ensuring they are properly contained, treated, or disposed of, thus preventing them from polluting the environment.

2. Minimizing Landfill Waste: When end-of-life electronics are disposed of in landfills, they can release toxic substances and contribute to soil and water contamination. R2 certified recyclers focus on diverting electronics from landfills. They employ recycling and recovery techniques to extract valuable materials from the devices, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Certificate of Destruction and Recycling3. Resource Conservation: End-of-life electronics contain valuable resources like metals, plastics, and rare earth elements. R2 certified recyclers prioritize resource conservation by recovering and reusing these materials. By extracting and recycling valuable components, they reduce the need for raw material extraction, conserve energy, and decrease the environmental impact associated with resource mining and manufacturing.

4. Energy Savings and Emission Reductions: The recycling and reprocessing of end-of-life electronics consume significantly less energy compared to the production of new devices. R2 certified recyclers employ energy-efficient processes to recover materials, reducing the overall energy demand and associated greenhouse gas emissions. By recycling electronics, you contribute to the reduction of carbon footprints and the fight against climate change.

5. Certified Product Destruction by serial number: End-of-life electronics often contain sensitive and confidential information. Spellman prioritizes data security and employs strict protocols for product destruction. Spellman disassembles and sorts every product returned prior to it entering the recycling waste stream. This ensures end-of-life electronics do not enter the grey-market as reconditioned spare parts.

6. Compliance with Regulations: R2 certification requires recyclers to comply with applicable local, state, and federal regulations. By working with an R2 certified end-of-life electronics recycler, you can be confident that your electronic waste is handled in accordance with environmental and data protection laws. This ensures that the disposal process is legally compliant and meets the highest industry standards.