SpellmanHV VS100 Electron Beam High Voltage Power Supply


  • 100kV Electron Beam High Voltage Power Supply
  • Low/High 10μA/100μA Output Current Selection
  • Less than 75mV of Ripple
  • Excellent Regulation and Stability Performance
  • Oil Free/Solid Encapsulated Design

*Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult the English PDF version of this datasheet for the most up-to-date revision.

CE Marking

Electron Beam High Voltage Power Supply

The Bertan VS100 high voltage power supply was specifi­cally designed for precision electron beam applications like semiconductor nano-lithography, micro-optics and development mask work. Its ultra low ripple and excellent stability specifications make it ideal for use in these demanding applications. A switch selectable low and high output current range is featured.

The solid encapsulated high voltage section eliminates any user maintenance issues, while isolating the compo­nents from environmental variables. The unit is fully overload, arc and short circuit protected. Remote control programming and monitoring capability is provided. A second high voltage monitor, separate from the control electronics is provided. This allows accurate passive measurement of the high voltage output.

Typical applications:

  • Micro-Optics
  • Semiconductor lithography
  • Development mask work

CE Marking


(Ref. 128045-001 REV. H)

Input Voltage:

220Vac, ±10%, single phase 50/60 Hertz

Output Voltage:

0 to 100kV, negative polarity. Externally switch selectable to 105kV, ±500 volts

Output Current:

0-10µA, low range

0-100µA, high range

Switch selectable

Line Regulation:

±0.001% of rated voltage over specified input voltage range

Load Regulation:

≤20V for a current change of 25μA to 60μA and 60μA to 25μA


≤75mV peak to peak

Partial High Voltage Discharge:

less than 200mV


0.001% per 8 hours after a 6 hour warm up, for a temperature of 20°C ±0.2°C

Temperature Coefficient:

50ppm per degree C over a 10°C to 40°C range


Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees C

Storage Temperature: -40 to 85 degrees C

Humidity: 10 to 90% RH, non condensing


Forced Air-control chassis;

Convection Cooled- high voltage chassis

Front Panel:

Power ON/OFF switch

HV ON/OFF switch 

HV ON/OFF indicator

Analog output voltage meter


Control Chassis: 5.25. H X 19. W X 15.3. D (13.3cm X 48.3cm X 38.4cm)

HV Chassis: 10.25. H X 19. W X 27. D (26.7cm X 48.3cm X 55.9 cm)


Control Chassis: 20 pounds (9kg)

HV Chassis: 116 pounds (50kg)

Interface Connector:

19 pin Burndy GOB1619SNE (mating connector provided)

AC Input Connector:

3 pin IEC320 input socket

Output HV Connector:

Claymount 2050-073

Output HV Cable:

Detachable at rear panel, cable not provided.


Pin Signal Signal Parameters
A -5V Reference -5.0 volts @ 10mA output
B Voltage Programming 0 to -5v = 0 to 100% rated output, Zin = 100KΩ
C Spare N/C
D Spare N/C
E Monitor Common Ground
F HV Stat TTL High = HV OFF, TTL Low = HV ON
G +5V 5 volts @ 250mA output
H Interlock Ground or TTL low to enable interlock
J Program Common Ground
K Spare N/C
L Spare N/C
M Spare N/C
N Spare N/C
P Voltage Monitor 0 to -5V = 0 to 100% rated output, Zout =10KΩ
R Current Monitor 0 to -5V = 0 to 100% rated output, Zout =10KΩ
S Spare N/C
T Spare N/C
U Spare N/C
V Spare N/C

Tables & Diagrams



VS100 High Voltage Power Supply (Image 2)


VS100 High Voltage Power Supply (Image 4)


VS100 High Voltage Power Supply (Image 6)



VS100 High Voltage Power Supply (Image 3)


VS100 High Voltage Power Supply (Image 5)


VS100 High Voltage Power Supply (Image 7)