Rack Mount High Voltage Power Supplies

Spellman’s rack mount and bench top power supplies span output voltages from 500 volts to 360kV while providing power ranging from 10 watts to >100kW kilowatts. These power supplies are used in a wide variety of applications like: Ion Beam Implantation, Electron Beam Welding, Electrostatic Separators, Electron Beam Evaporation, Ion Milling, Neutron Generators, Plasma Igniters, Sputtering, Marx Generators, Electrostatic Lenses and Oil Well Data Logging.

Rack Mount/Bench Top

Voltage Range
10 W-1.2 kW
1kV - 130kV
1.2 kW
150kV - 150kV
2 kW
0.5kV - 50kV
2 kW
160kV - 360kV
4 kW
1kV - 70kV
6 kW
1kV - 150kV
12 kW-120 kW
1kV - 225kV