Checkpoint Screening

Checkpoint Security systems are deployed in Airports or Rail stations, and Parcel scanners are used in government installations, border patrol and public venues, and by parcel carriers; all are served by Spellman's broad array of Monoblock® Integrated X-Ray sources; with models to 180kV and 300W, we support line scanners operating based on transmission or backscatter (or combination) techniques. These reliable and high through-put systems are deployed in a wide range of protective locations in public and private service.
Monoblock® XRB Series Integrated X-Ray Sources
CheckPoint Baggage Inspection Systems; X-Ray scanners: stationary.
Voltage Range
100W - 500W
80kV - 160kV
40kV - 100kV
80kV - 160kV
XRBD Monoblock® X-Ray Source (Featured Image)