High Voltage Power Supplies & Safety Information

Why do I have to fill out a capacitor charging questionnaire if I’m going to use your power supply for capacitor charging?

A DC high voltage power supply can address some capacitor charging applications, but not all. When charge repetition rates exceed once per second or so, an application specific cap charger product is often required. If a standard DC power supply is subjected to a high repetition rate, it is possible to thermally overload the output circuity. In addition, performance characteristics for optimum cap charging may not be obtained. The capacitor charging questionnaire allows the engineers at Spellman to review your application and see if we have a hardware solution for your requirement.

All capacitor charging applications need to be reviewed via the information provided by the capacitor charging questionnaire. We may find that a standard unit will work fine for your application. Or we may recommend that a standard unit be customized (reduce internal capacitance, augment arc limiting circuitry, etc.) to meet a particular application. Or we may conclude that we don’t have a hardware solution for this particular requirement. In any event, for capacitor charging applications please fill out the cap charging questionnaire and let Spellman recommend the appropriate solution for your application.

Link to Capacitor Charging Questionnaire