High Voltage Power Supplies & Safety Information

Can I Operate Your 220Vac Power Supplies at 230Vac?

The simple answer is yes… in most cases you can.

220Vac ±10% ranges from a low of 198Vac, and to a high of 242Vac. 230Vac ±10% ranges from a low of 207Vac to a high of 253Vac.

The “low end” of 230Vac -10% is 207Vac; this is inside the normal range of 220Vac -10% (which is 198Vac), so there’s no problem on the low end of the input voltage range.

The “high end” of 230Vac +10% is 253Vac. This is only 11 volts above the 220Vac +10% upper range of 242Vac. Spellman’s high voltage power supplies units are designed with ample voltage margins present on the AC input components to accommodate this minor increase in input voltage.