High Voltage Power Supplies & Safety Information

What is solid encapsulation?

Solid encapsulation, also referred to as "potting," is an insulation media used in a variety of Spellman's supplies. The "output section" of a high voltage power supply can operate at extremely high voltages. The design and packaging of the high voltage output section is critical to the functionality and reliability of the product.

Solid encapsulation allows Spellman designers to miniaturize the packaging of supplies in ways that are unobtainable when utilizing air as the primary insulating media alone. Improved power densities result, providing the customer with a smaller, more compact supply.

Additionally, solid encapsulation provides the feature of sealing off a potted output section from environmental factors. Dust, contamination, humidity and vibration typically will not degrade or affect the performance of an encapsulated high voltage output section. This is especially important where a supply will operate in a harsh environment, or where a unit must operate maintenance free.