EPM Series

  • Output Voltages from 1 to 30kV
  • Voltage and Current Programming
  • Control of Output Via Enable/Inhibit Signal
  • OEM Customization Available

*Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult the English PDF version of this datasheet for the most up-to-date revision.

CE RU Marking

30W High Voltage Power Supplies

The EPM series of high voltage power supplies provides very well regulated, low ripple high voltage in a highly efficient, compact design. 

The dramatically reduced size of this module series is obtained by a state of the art off-line resonant converter. The resonant converter utilizes a unique control scheme, which allows constant frequency operation while maintain­ing high efficiency. The high switching frequency allows for very low ripple and excellent dynamic response capabilities. 

The output voltage and current are controllable over the full range of operation. Voltage and current program­ming and monitoring signals are all 0-10Vdc where corresponds to 0 to 100% rated output. A High Voltage Inhibit/Enable signal allows for simple on/off control of the power supply.  

Typical applications:

  • Electrophoresis
  • Photomultipliers
  • Electron Beam
  • Laboratory Applications
  • Ion Source
  • Electrospinning


(Ref. 128003-001 REV. K)


+24Vdc ±10%


8 models from 1kV to 30kV. Each model is available in positive or negative polarity output.

Voltage Regulation:

Load: 0.02% of output voltage for a full load change.

Line: 0.01% for ±10% change in input voltage.

Current Regulation:

Load: 0.01% of output current from 0 to rated voltage.

Line: 0.01% of rated current over specified input range.


0.1% p-p of maximum rated output voltage.


2.06”H x 5.63”W x 5.69”D

(52.32mm x 143mm x 144.53mm)


2.2 pounds (1kg)

Input Connector:

9 pin AMP Metri-Mate. Mating connector and pins supplied.

Output Cable:

18” ±1” (457mm) of UL® listed high voltage wire.

Voltage Stability:

0.02% per 8 hours (after 1/2 hour warm-up).

Voltage Temperature Coefficient:

0.01% per °C.

Voltage Test Point:

10Vdc ±2% = maximum rated output.

Current Test Point:

10Vdc ±2% = maximum rated output.

Remote Enable:

3.4Vdc = HV ON.

1.0Vdc or open = HV OFF.

Regulatory Approvals:

Compliant to EEC EMC Directive. Compliant to EEC Low Voltage Directive. UL/CUL recognized, File E148969


Maximum Rating Model Number
kV mA  
1 30 EPM 1*30
3 10 EPM 3*30
5 6 EPM 5*30
10 3 EPM 10*30
15 2 EPM 15*30
20 1.5 EPM 20*30
25 1.2 EPM 25*30
30 1 EPM 30*30

 *Specify “P” for positive polarity or “N” for negative polarity.


Pin Signal Parameters
1 Power Ground Power Ground
2 +24Vdc +24Vdc @ 1.85 amps, maximum
3 High Voltage Enable/Inhibit 0Vdc = HV OFF, +5Vdc = HV ON (see manual for details)
4 Voltage Test Point 0 to 10Vdc = 0 to 100% rated output, Zout = 10kΩ
5 Current Test Point 0 to 10Vdc = 0 to 100% rated output, Zout = 10kΩ
6 Voltage Programming 0 to 10Vdc = 0 to 100% rated output, Zin = 10MΩ
7 Current Programming 0 to 10Vdc = 0 to 100% rated output, Zin = 10MΩ
8 +10Vdc Reference +10Vdc @ 1mA maximum
9 Signal Ground Signal Ground

Tables & Diagrams



EPM High Voltage Power Supply (Image 1)


EPM High Voltage Power Supply (Image 3)


EPM High Voltage Power Supply (Image 4)