Spellman Expands Its XRB Monoblock® Series with New 100kV Offering

March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009 – Hauppauge New York – Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation announces the expansion of its Monoblock® Series of X-Ray Sources with the introduction of the new XRB100.

Spellman's Monoblocks® eliminate the need for expensive, vulnerable external high voltage cabling by integrating the high voltage power supply, filament power supply, X-Ray tube and controlXRB100 electronics into a single, compact, easy to use package.

Spellman’s XRB Series is compact and cost effective. The new 100kV @ 100 watt X-Ray source features power factor corrected universal input, and analog or RS-232 interfacing. These sealed units can be mounted in any physical orientation. The XRB100 has a stationary, tungsten anode
X-Ray tube, and provides a fan shaped X-Ray beam geometry. Spellman’s Monoblocks® can also be customized to meet customer requirements for beam shape, focal spot size, and other critical, application specific parameters.

The XRB100 is useful in a variety of applications including: plating measurement, food and fill level inspection, and security. Featuring a remote-control electronics assembly that minimizes tank footprint, the XRB100 can be easily integrated into a variety of OEM systems.

Technical literature and information on the XRB100 Series of Monoblock® X-Ray sources is available at: www.spellmanhv.com/XRB100

Information on other Spellman products is available by calling us at +1-631-630-3000, or by visiting our website: www.spellmanhv.com.

Spellman High Voltage Electronics is the world's leading provider of custom designed and standard AC-DC and DC-DC high voltage power converters for: medical, industrial, analytical, and security applications; semiconductor manufacturing; scientific instrumentation; and power feed systems for undersea cables. Spellman is headquartered in the U.S. and has facilities in Japan, Mexico, Europe, and China that provide design, manufacturing and service to our customers throughout the world.

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