Alodine Replacement Statement

August 15, 2006

Spellman High Voltage will be converting its chrome based aluminum conversion coating process to a non-chrome based process. This change will enable Spellman High Voltage to meet Europe's RoHS directive for the elimination of hexavalent chromium in electrical and electronic equipment. The non-chrome based alternatives chosen have passed corrosion resistance testing in accordance with Mil-C-5541E.

The use of these alternatives will be functionally transparent to unit operation; however, the "gold" surface finish available when using chrome based products will no longer be available. These non-chrome based alternatives will only provide a "clear" surface finish. Therefore, beginning August 15, 2005, only a clear surface finish on aluminum surfaces will be offered. Some products may continue to be received with the gold finish during this transition, but will eventually be received with a clear surface finish.

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