SLシリーズ 10-1200W 高圧電源 (featured)



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  • 非常に小型で軽量
  • 電圧範囲1kV~130kV
  • 豊富なアナログ、デジタルインターフェイス
  • 極性逆転可能基準電圧最大8kV
  • アーク消去/アークカウント/アークトリップ
  • OEMカスタム化可能

*注: すべての仕様は予告なく変更される場合があります。最新版についてはこのデータシートの英語PDFをご覧ください。

延長保証RoHSマーク高速発送プログラム CEマーク




  • 分析用X線
  • 電子ビーム・システム
  • ハイポット・テスト
  • 静電気
  • コンデンサ充電
  • 一般研究用

eSL Graphical User Interface Demo Video:



(Ref. 129009-001 REV. AN)

Status Indicators:

Voltage and Current Control Mode, Interlock Open and Closed, High Voltage Inhibit, Overcurrent and Overvoltage, Arc, Regulation Error, Overtemperature, Over Power (Optional).


115Vac or 220Vac±10%, 50/60Hz. Specify with order. 1200W model available in 200/220Vac only.


Models available from 1kV to 130kV. Each model is available in positive, negative or reversible polarity output.

Front Panel Controls:

Voltage and current are continuously adjustable by ten-turn potentiometers with lockable counting dials, ON/OFF circuit breaker/lamp, high voltage ON switch/indicator and high voltage OFF switch/indicator.

Voltage Regulation:

Load: 0.005% of maximum voltage +500mV for full load change.

Line: ±0.005% of full voltage +500mV over specified input range

Current Regulation:

Load: 0.01% of maximum current ±100µA for full voltage change.

Line: ±0.005% of maximum current for a ±10% input line change.


0.1% p-p +1Vrms.

Temperature Coefficient:

100ppm/°C voltage or current regulated. Higher stability is available on special order.


Temperature Range:

Operating: 0°C to 50°C. 

Storage: -40°C to 85°C.


10 to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing


100ppm/hour after 1/2 hour warm-up for both voltage and current regulation. 


Digital voltage and current meters, 3 1/2 digit ±1 least significant digit.

Output Cable:

10’ (3.05m) of shielded high voltage cable removable at the rear panel.

AC Line Input Cable:

10 to 300W: IEC320 Cord Set, 6’ (1.83m)

600 to 1200W: 3-conductor, 12AWG, 6’ (1.83m) cable permanently attached to unit.


10W – 300W: 1 3/4”H(1U) x 19”W x 19”D** 
(4.45cm x 48.3cm x 48.3cm).

600W – 1200W: 3 1/2”H(2U) x 19”W x 19”D** 
(8.9cm x 48.3cm x 48.3cm).

**Depth becomes 24” (60.7cm) for 80 to 130kV ranges.


17 to 30lbs (7.7 to 14kg) depending on model.

Regulatory Approvals:

Compliant to EEC EMC Directive and EEC Low Voltage Directive. RoHS Compliant.

Electronic Component (Power Source)

SL series is intended for installation as a component of a system. It is designed to meet CE standards, with conditions of acceptance often being: customer provided enclosure mounting, EMC filtering, and appropriate protection, and isolation devices. The SL series is not intended to be operated by end users as a stand-alone device. The SL series power supply can only be fully assessed when installed within a system, and as a component part within that system.

 SL SELECTION TABLE- 10W, 30W, 60W 1.75" (1U)

  10 Watt 30 Watt 60 Watt
KV mA Model mA Model mA Model
10 SL1PN10 30 SL1PN30 60 SL1PN60
2 5 SL2PN10 15 SL2PN30 30 SL2PN60
3 3.3 SL3PN10 10 SL3PN30 20 SL3PN60
6 1.7 SL6PN10 5 SL6PN30 10 SL6PN60
8 1.25 SL8PN10 3.75 SL8PN30 7.5 SL8PN60
10 1.0 SL10*10 3 SL10*30 6 SL10*60
15 0.67 SL15*10 2 SL15*30 4 SL15*60
20 0.50 SL20*10 1.5 SL20*30 3 SL20*60
30 0.33 SL30*10 1.0 SL30*30 2 SL30*60
40 0.25 SL40*10 0.75 SL40*30 1.5 SL40*60
50 0.20 SL50*10 0.60 SL50*30 1.2 SL50*60
60 0.17 SL60*10 0.50 SL60*30 1.0 SL60*60
70 0.14 SL70*10 0.43 SL70*30 0.85 SL70*60
80 0.13 SL80*10 0.38 SL80*30 0.75 SL80*60
100 0.10 SL100*10 0.30 SL100*30 0.60 SL10060
120 0.10 SL120*10 0.25 SL120*30 0.50 SL120*60
130 0.10 SL130*10 0.25 SL130*30 0.46 SL130*60

*Specify “P” for positive, “N” for negative, or “PN” for reversible polarity. Higher voltage models available on special order. 

SL SELECTION TABLE- 150W, 300W 1.75" (1U)

150 Watt 300 Watt
kV mA Model mA Model
1 150 SL1PN150 300 SL1PN300
2 75 SL2PN150 150 SL2PN300
3 50 SL3PN150 100 SL3PN300
6 25 SL6PN150 50 SL6PN300
8 18.75 SL8PN150 37.5 SL8PN300
10 15 SL10*150 30 SL10*300
15 10 SL15*150 20 SL15*300
20 7.5 SL20*150 15 SL20*300
30 5.0 SL30*150 10 SL30*300
40 3.75 SL40*150 7.5 SL40*300
50 3.00 SL50*150 6.0 SL50*300
60 2.50 SL60150 5.0 SL60*300
70 2.1 SL70*150 4.28 SL70*300
80 1.90 SL80*150 3.75 SL80*300
100 1.50 SL100*150 3.00 SL100*300
120 1.25 SL120*150 2.50 SL120*300
130 1.15 SL130*150 2.30 SL130*300

*Specify “P” for positive, “N” for negative, or “PN” for reversible polarity. Higher voltage models available on special order. 


  600 Watt 1200 Watt
kV mA Model mA Model
1 600 SL1PN600 1200 SL1PN1200
2 300 SL2PN600 600 SL2PN1200
3 200 SL3PN600 400 SL3PN1200
6 100 SL6PN600 200 SL6PN1200
8 75 SL8PN600 150 SL8PN1200
10 60 SL10*600 120 SL10*1200
15 40 SL15*600 80 SL15*1200
20 30 SL20*600 60 SL20*1200
30 20 SL30*600 40 SL30*1200
40 15 SL40*600 30 SL40*1200
50 12 SL50*600 24 SL50*1200
60 10 SL60600 20 SL60*1200
70 8.6 SL70*600 17 SL70*1200
80 7.5 SL80*600 15 SL80*1200
100 6.0 SL100*600 12 SL100*1200
120 5.0 SL120*600 10 SL120*1200
130 4.6 SL130*600 9.2 SL130*1200

*Specify “P” for positive, “N” for negative, or “PN” for reversible polarity. Higher voltage models available on special order. 


Model 115Vac 220Vac
10 watt <1A <1A
30 watt <1A <1A
60 watt 1.1A <1A
150 watt 2.8A 1.5A
300 watt 5.6A 3A
600 watt 11.1A 6A
1200 watt n/a 12A

The input current numbers above are worse case assuming the power supply is being operated at maximum power and low line conditions, taking efficiency and power factor into account.


Pin Signal Signal Parameters
1 Power Supply Common Signal Ground
2 External Inhibit Ground=Inhibit, Open=HV On
3 External Interlock +15V at Open, <15mA at Closed
4 External Interlock Return Return for Interlock
5 Current Monitor 0 to 10V=0 to 100% Rated Output
6 kV Test Point 0 to 10V=0 to 100% Rated Output
7 +10Vdc Reference +10Vdc, 1mA Max
8 Remote Current Program In 0 to 10V=0 to 100% Rated Output
9 Local Current Program Out Front Panel Program Voltage
10 Remote Voltage Program In 0 to 10V=0 to 100% Rated Output
11 Local Voltage Program Out Front Panel Program Voltage
12 Power Monitor 0 to 10V=0 to 100% Rated Output (Optional)
13 Remote Power Program In 0 to 10V=0 to 100% Rated Output (Optional)
14 Local HV Off Out +15V at Open, <25mA at Closed
15 HV Off Connect to HV OFF for FP Operation
15 HV Off +15V at Open, <25mA at Closed
15 HV Off Connect to HV OFF for FP Operation
16 Remote HV On +15V, 10mA Max=HV Off
17 Remote HV Off Indicator 0=HV On, +15V, 10mA Max=HV Off
18 Remote HV On Indicator 0=HV Off, +15V, 10mA Max=HV On
19 Remote Voltage Mode Open Collector 35V Max, 10mA Max On=Active
20 Remote Current Mode Open Collector 35V Max, 10mA Max On=Active
21 Remote Power Mode Open Collector 35V Max, 10mA Max On=Active
22 Remote PS Fault 0=Fault, +15V, 0.1mA Max=No Fault
23 +15V Output +15V, 100mA Max
24 Power Supply Common Signal Ground
25 Spare Spare
26 Shield Return Chassis Ground


How to Order:
Sample model number: SL80PN1200/NSS/DPM4
SL series unit, 80kV maximum output voltage, reversible polarity output, 1200 watts, no slow start, 4.5 digit panel meters

There may be some restrictions on multiple option combinations. Please contact our Sales department for more details.


Tables & Diagrams




SL High Voltage Power Supply (Image 1)


SL High Voltage Power Supply (Image 3)


SL High Voltage Power Supply (Image 5)



SL High Voltage Power Supply (Image 2)


SL High Voltage Power Supply (Image 4)


SL High Voltage Power Supply (Image 6)

* Depth becomes 24” [609.60] for 80kV to 130kV range.


eSL Option

eSL Option


The eSL Option provides a vacuum fluorescent front panel display and Ethernet connectivity. Both the 1U (1.75”) and 2U (3.5”) SL product offerings are available with the eSL Option. Using the front panel local controls the main menu has the following features:

Local/Remote Control

Allows operation from either the local front panel or remotely via the Ethernet Category 5 connector.

Features Menu

Allows control over Adjustable Overload Trip and Slow Start features.

Tutorial Menu

Provides information on how to use the local front panel interface.

Diagnostics Menu

Provides information on the revisions of the hardware, firmware and IP address. Additionally the Diagnostics Menu provides information on the status of the internal low voltage housekeeping power supply voltages.

eSL Option power supplies can still be fully controlled via the SL’s comprehensive remote analog interface, so these units are fully backwards compatible with standard SL power supplies.

Typical Front Panel Screens

SL Digital Interface


AOL Adjustable Overload Trip

A control board jumper is moved to make the power supply shut down if it ever operates in current mode. This allows the user to set the current programming level as a trip point that will turn the power supply off with an Over Current fault if it ever tries to operate in Current Mode.

APT Adjustable Power Trip

A third control loop is installed in the power supply, a power loop. This power loop uses an analog multiplier chip to multiply the voltage and current feedback signals to create a power feedback signal. Programming and feedback scaling is 0-10Vdc = 0-100% of rated power. The circuit is configured to trip the power supply off with an Over Power fault if the power loop ever tries to regulate.

AT Arc Trip

A control board jumper is moved such that the first arc sensed will shut the power supply off with an ARC fault. BPM Bipolar Master

BPS Bipolar Slave

This option configures two identical but opposite polarity units to function as a single tracking bipolar supply. The voltage feedback of the master (positive unit) is provided to the voltage programming input of the slave (negative unit).

CMS Current Mode Select

A front panel switch is provided to allow the power supply to either regulate in current mode or create an over current fault when operated in current mode, which will shut down the supply. This is basically a switch selectable AOL option.

CPC Constant Power Control

Identical to the APT Option with the exception the power supply will run and regulate when the power loop becomes active.

DPM4 Digital Panel Meter, 4.5 digits

The standard 3.5 digit front panel meters are replaced with 4.5 digit panel meters.

EFR External Fault Relay

A set of relay contacts are provided via the rear panel interface that will change state if the power supply shuts down due to a fault condition.

eSL Ethernet Connectivity/VFD Front Panel

The eSL Option provides a vacuum fluorescent front panel display, Ethernet connectivity and comprehensive front panel controls.

FCV Fine Control Voltage

This option adds a second potentiometer to the front panel of the unit. This allows for a finer local adjustment of the output voltage setting.

FG Floating Ground

All the analog returns inside the power supply are isolated from chassis and brought to one point on the rear panel. Any current that flows out of the power supply via the HV cable/connecter on the high side must return back to the multiplier via the load return on the low side. With only one path to flow through on the low side, a current meter can be inserted in series and a safe ground referenced measurement can be made of the actual high voltage output current.

FGLL Floating Ground Low Leakage

Identical functionality as the FG Option but a shield is placed around the high voltage multiplier to capture any leakage current inside the power supply and return it to the top of the current sense resistor. This negates any internal leakage currents from effecting measurements being made.

IO Instant On

A jumper is placed between TB1-15 and TB1-16 on the rear panel, causing the power supply to automatically toggle into HV ON when ever the line voltage is applied.

LL(X) Lead Length

Extra long high voltage output cable. 20, 40, 60 and 100 feet are standard lengths.

LR Low Ripple

Done on a case by case basis, the standard unit is evaluated and modifications are done to improve the output ripple to 0.05% peak to peak. The operating frequency might be increased, or additional filtering may be added to the HV multiplier.

NAD No Arc Detect

This option removes the arc intervention circuitry from the power supply. Care must be exercised when using this option as damage to the HV multiplier could occur.

NSS No Slow Start

The standard 6 second long linear ramp of output voltage is removed allowing the high voltage to “step” to its set point when enabled.

PN Positive/Negative

Reversible polarity option. Units that are not inherently reversible by design (10kV to 130kV) can have their output polarity reversed by the process of exchanging the high voltage multiplier section.

RFR Remote Fault Reset

This option provides the ability to reset any power supply faults that might occur via toggling a signal on the rear panel interface.

ROV Remote Over Voltage

The programming signal for the over voltage comparator circuit is made available to the customer remotely, allowing the power supply to be set to trip the OVP circuit anywhere from 0 -110% of rated output voltage.

SL Slides

Industry standard rack mounted slides are installed on the power supply.

SS(X) Slow Start(X)

The standard slow start is modified to provide a time of (X) seconds. Time frames of 0.1 seconds to 120 seconds can be accommodated.

There may be some restrictions on multiple option combinations. Please contact our Sales department for more details.


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