SpellmanHV TOF3000 Modular Mass Spectrometry Power Supply


  • Remote Output Polarity Reversibility Via TTL Signal Control
  • Ultra Low Ripple and Noise
  • Compact OEM Modular Packaging
  • Encapsulated for Reliable, Long Term Corona Free Operation
  • CE Listed and RoHS Compliant

*Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult the English PDF version of this datasheet for the most up-to-date revision.

 Two Year Extended Warranty & RoHS Compliant LogosCE RU Marking

Mass Spectrometry High Voltage Power Supply

The TOF3000 offers critical specifications like ultra low ripple and noise, excellent temperature coefficient; a stable, repeatable and accurate output, along with remote output polarity reversing capability. These superior specifications result in improved mass spectrometer resolution. Unique high voltage packaging and surface mount fabrication techniques, coupled with Spellman’s proprietary encapsulation technology provide this unit in an attractive sized OEM package.

Featuring a 0-30kV @ 400µA output with remote polarity reversing capability and dimensions of 3. H x 5. W x 12 5/8. L, the TOF3000 is a small, cost-effective high voltage power supply with technology that sets the standard for the future of Mass Spectrometry applications.

Typical applications:

  • Mass Spectrometry


(Ref. 128032-001 REV. L)

Input Voltage:

+24 Vdc, +5%, -2%

Input Current:

2 amps maximum

Output Voltage:

0 to 30kV

Output Current:

0 to 400 microamperes


Positive or Negative with respect to ground, reversible via TTL signal

Voltage Regulation:

Line: 0.001% for input change of 1 volt

Load: 0.001% for 100µA to full load change

Current Regulation:

Line: 0.05% for +5% to -2% input change

Load: 0.1% for 0 to maximum output voltage


≤ 70mV peak to peak


0.01% per hour, 0.02% per 8 hours after 1.0 hour warm up period

Temperature Coefficient:

25ppm per degree C


Temperature Range:

Operating: 0°C to 50°C

Storage: -20°C to 65°C


10% to 90% RH, non-condensing

Control Interface

Voltage Program Input:

0 to +10Vdc corresponds to 0 to ±30kV, Zin 1 megohm

Program Accuracy:

±0.15% at 15KV, with overall accuracy of ±0.25% of maximum output

TTL Polarity Reversal:

High = positive polarity

Low = negative polarity

Voltage Monitor:

0 to 10Vdc corresponds to 0 to 30KV, Zout = 4.7Kohm

Current Monitor:

0 to 10Vdc corresponds to 0 to 400uA, Zout = 4.7Kohm


Convection cooled


3. H X 5. W X 12.625. D (76.2mm x 127mm x 321.7mm)


9.5 pounds (4.31kg)

Interface Connector:

15 pin male D connector

Output Connector:

Alden B102, which accepts Alden B200 cable plug

Regulatory Approvals:

Compliant to EEC EMC Directive. Compliant to EEC Low Voltage Directive. UL/CUL recognized, File 148969. RoHS Compliant


Pin Signal Signal Parameters
1 Spare N/C
2 Voltage Program 0 to 10V=0 to 100% Rated Output
3 Spare N/C
4 Spare N/C
5 Voltage Monitor 0 to 10V=0 to 100% Rated Output
6 TTL Polarity Control Signal Hi=Positive Polarity, Low=Negative Polarity
7 Signal Ground Signal Ground
8 Power Ground Power Ground
9 Spare N/C
10 Spare N/C
11 Spare N/C
12 TTL HV Enable Hi=Inhibit, Low=Enable
13 Current Monitor 0 to 10V=0 to 100% Rated Output
14 Spare N/C
15 +24Vdc +24Vdc

Tables & Diagrams



TOF3000 High Voltage Power Supply (Image 2)


TOF3000 High Voltage Power Supply (Image 3)


TOF3000 High Voltage Power Supply (Image 4)


TOF3000 High Voltage Power Supply (Image 5)