Monoblock® Integrated X-Ray Sources - Vehicle Inspection Border Security

Vehicle inspection is an important aspect of border security, including both under-carriage optical and transmission X-ray of the vehicle interior. Spellman provides Monoblock Integrated X-ray sources to 200kV and X-ray Subsystems to 320kV, typically used in X-ray inspection of vehicles. These robust systems are often deployed in physically challenging environments. Thus, Spellman’s high reliability and wide-operating conditions make our devices the perfect choice as the critical component of a vehicle inspection system.

For Portal and Border Security, Spellman’s high energy systems can scan large truck containers prior to loading on ships, or as a security measure prior to border crossing. While often addressed by isotopic sources, neutron generators and linear accelerators, Spellman can provide high voltage components to support these applications, from radiation detection, driving neutron tubes, or for charge injection in linacs.