Thin Films

There are a variety of thin film deposition techniques, many of which require high voltage DC power. Two very common thin film processes are sputtering and electron beam evaporation (e-beam evaporation). Spellman offers both general purpose and application specific power supplies for both techniques.

Spellman’s EVA Series is an ideal choice for e-beam evaporation systems. Designed using efficient and robust solid state circuit topologies, these supplies are highly tolerant of arcing and offer user configurable arc management settings that can be optimized for different processes and deposition conditions, to help maintain consistent and defect free coatings. The EVA Series power supplies are available in different configurations, including integrated filament supplies and multiple outputs, providing unmatched economy and flexibility.

As with e-beam evaporation power supplies, tolerance of and response to arcing is important for stable and consistent plasma sputtering processes. Many of our standard rack mount and modular supplies can be optimized for use in sputtering, for instance by limiting stored energy and tailoring arc recovery times. Due to the wide range of requirements for plasma sputtering power supplies, we encourage you to contact our applications experts to discuss your unique specifications.