FAQs Monoblock® X-Ray Generators

How often do I need to season my Monoblock® X-Ray source? Why?

X-ray tube seasoning should be done as per the recommended seasoning schedule provided with your Monoblock®. A general seasoning guide can be found on the Spellman High Voltage website. Typically seasoning is done after initial installation and after periods of idle time (idle time is defined as X-ray output being disabled). This would include a profile for daily seasoning and longer profiles for increased idle time. The seasoning procedure carefully raises the tube current and voltage to reduce any residual gas in the X-ray tube before the tube is operated at full output. Seasoning also minimizes un-even distribution of potential/electric field on the tube glass. Following the recommended seasoning schedule will help prolong the life of the X-ray tube and prevent tube arcing that can potentially cause irreversible damage to the X-ray tube.