FAQs Monoblock® X-Ray Generators

What maintenance do I need to perform for my Monoblock® X-Ray source?

Periodic/preventative maintenance will start with a visual inspection of the Monoblock®.  The time between inspections will depend on the environmental conditions in which the Monoblock® is operating.  At minimum, the Monoblock® should be inspected on a monthly basis.

The inspection should consist of visually inspecting the control cover vents.  The vents should be kept clean and clear of any debris or obstructions.  For Monoblocks® with an integrated cooing system, the cooling fan and heat exchanger should be inspected and kept free and clear of any debris or obstructions and the hoses should be inspected for damage.  The external surface of the Monoblock® and the X-ray exit port should be inspected for any evidence of oil.  If oil is noticed the Monoblock® may need to be returned for service.  There are no field serviceable parts in the Monoblock®.

The Spellman High Voltage Service Department can recommend preventative maintenance for Monoblocks® that have been in the field for an extended period of time.  For questions regarding periodic and preventative maintenance, please contact he Spellman High Voltage Service Department using the following e-mail address: service@spellmanhv.com