Spellman Releases Beryllium Window Monoblock® for Various Inspection and NDT Uses

January 09, 2024

XRBe80PN300 SeriesHauppauge, NY – Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation (Hauppauge, NY) announces the release of its new Beryllium Window Monoblock® X-Ray source. Designed for OEM applications, it powers the internal Bipolar X-Ray tube at 80kV running at 300 watts. 

Features such as universal voltage input, compact package size and a standard RS-232 digital interface simplify integration of the XRBe80PN300 into your X-Ray system. It is available with a cone shaped beam geometry. Proprietary emission control circuitry provides excellent regulation of X-Ray tube current, along with outstanding performance. 

Typical applications include Food Inspection Systems, Fill Level Confirmation Systems, Security Scanning Systems, Industrial NDT Systems, Thickness/Plating Measurement Systems.

Detailed technical information and datasheet on the XRBe80PN300 can be found here.

About Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation
Spellman High Voltage Electronics is the world's leading provider of custom designed and standard AC-DC and DC-DC high voltage power converters and Monoblock® X-Ray sources for medical, industrial, semiconductor, security, analytical, laboratory, and under-sea cable power-feed applications. With design, manufacturing and service facilities in the US, UK, Mexico, China and Japan, and direct sales offices throughout Europe, Asia and North America, Spellman is committed to supporting advanced system providers and their customers throughout the world. For more information on our products, visit our website: www.spellmanhv.com

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