Eleven High School Student Teams Announced for 2022 International Clean Tech Competition

July 06, 2022

Spellman Clean Tech Competition 2022Hauppauge, NY – July 7, 2022 – A group of 11 innovative high school student teams from five states in America and six nations have been announced as finalists who will compete in the 2022 Spellman HV Clean Tech Competition.  This unique competition, in its eleventh year, brings together students from around the world who are focused on making a difference in fighting global climate change and finding ways to develop and leverage clean energy. 

Teams will present their Clean Tech research and projects before a panel of judges live on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pg/CleanTechComp on Thursday, August 11th. A full schedule with teams and presentation times will be released on the CSTL website (www.cstl.org/cleantech/) and Clean Tech Facebook page. The awards ceremony will be on Friday, August 12th at 11am EST.

Responding to the call for solutions for climate change and environmental challenges were over 426 students from 240 teams around the world. The high school finalist teams are from the United States (California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Florida and New York), as well the nations of China, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

“Solving the world’s future energy, environmental and health challenges will require not one but a multitude of solutions. This competition encourages these students to think about how they can become a part of those solutions. Looking at these students’ projects as the competition’s sponsor for the last five years, we are continually inspired and impressed by them and know they will make a difference in the future”, said Dr. Loren Skeist, Spellman HV President and CEO. 

The 11 finalists teams will virtually present to judges offering solutions relating to sustainability using clean technology. The first-place winner will receive $7,000 in prize money; $5,000 for second, $3,500 for third; while fourth through tenth places will each be awarded $1,000.

“This is the 11th Anniversary of the Clean Tech Competition and we see the world is facing even greater challenges today. These inspiring young people are playing a critical role in developing solutions. The number of students participating this year demonstrates that the Clean Tech Competition plays an important role in spreading the message that STEM projects and studies can be fun, engaging and meaningful. We expect to see amazing innovations at the competition this year as students showcase their innovative ideas for addressing environmental change and solving real life problems,” said Dr. Ray Ann Havasy, Executive Director of CSTL.

This international Competition is the only outcome-based STEM focused research and design challenge for pre-college youth and inspires them to pursue STEM studies and careers. The program is hosted by Rockville Centre, New York-based not-for-profit Center for Science, Teaching & Learning, led by STEM Crusader and Advocate Dr. Ray Ann Havasy, and sponsored by Hauppauge, Long Island-based Spellman High Voltage Electronics, a leader in high voltage technology in the medical, industrial and scientific fields.

Click here for full list of finalist teams, where they are from and their project names. 

About Spellman High Voltage Electronics:
Headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, Spellman High Voltage Electronics, a family owned company established in 1947, is the preferred global supplier of precision DC high voltage power supplies and Monoblock® X-Ray sources for medical, industrial and scientific applications. It currently has over 2,000 employees in five design, six production and eight support centers in North America, Europe and Asia. Spellman partners with leading technology companies to advance medical care, industrial processes, quality control, scientific research, security and telecommunications by providing innovative high voltage power conversion solutions. For more information about Spellman High Voltage Electronics, visit www.spellmanhv.com.

About the Center for Science Teaching and Learning:
The Center for Science Teaching & Learning (CSTL) is a not-for-profit organization with a mission of encouraging science learning and literacy. CSTL develops programs for people of all ages and utilizes inquiry-based learning as its foundation for program development. This year marks the eleventh year for which CSTL is serving as the administrator of the Clean Tech Competition. For more information, visit www.cstl.org/cleantech.

For more information about CSTL visit www.ctsl.org.

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