Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation – Shipborne Power Feed Equipment

Cable Laying Ship

Spellman's shipborne power feed equipment (PFE) is used to power submarine fiber optic cable systems for telecommunications during cable laying and repair operations. Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation’s shipborne power feed equipment (PFE) solutions have been installed on many of the major cable laying ships around the world becoming the preferred choice of cable shipbuilders and owners for ship-borne power feed equipment.

A typical shipborne power feed equipment (PFE) system provides up to 24kWatt capability with voltages up to 20kV. A full range of power feed equipment systems (PFE's) at various output power levels are available. Spellman also manufactures an active dummy load at output levels between 2kW and 40Kw - this can be included as part of the shipborne PFE suite.

For more information on Spellman’s shipborne power feed equipment solutions, you may send an email, request a price quote or call Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation at 631-630-3000.

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(Photo courtesy of TE Subcom)