Quality Policy

"To Understand and Provide what our Customers Value."

Quality demands commitment at all levels in our organization. This commitment is achieved by developing and following well-designed procedures, testing at multiple points in the manufacturing process, maintaining an effective corrective action process, and providing timely feedback and ongoing training. Quality Assurance facilitates cross-functional efforts to address potential issues before they become problems.

The Quality Process
Spellman has developed its Quality Program utilizing total quality management tools to spur continuous improvement in every aspect of our business operation. The key factors are teamwork, training, customer focus, and facts-based communications. Members of the Spellman team are trained to use quality tools to identify problems, look for root causes, devise improvements and evaluate their effectiveness. Statistical measures have been incorporated as an integral part of our operation. Critical assembly points are monitored to maintain quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

ISO9001:2015 Certification
Spellman's quality system is ISO9001:2015 certified, covering product development, manufacturing, and customer service. ISO9001:2015 insures that we document what we do and follow our procedures throughout every phase of our operations.

The effectiveness of this system is assessed regularly through internal audits, management reviews, and bi-annual audits conducted by a third-party registrar. Based on these ISO 9001 compliant procedures, Spellman utilizes a comprehensive product development process to ensure quality is designed into everything we build. Multiple design reviews and rigorous verification testing insure that new products conform to all design requirements. Furthermore, our practice of communication with our customers' design teams, manufacturing, quality, supply, and sales departments is added assurance that the finished product will meet with their approval in every way. 

Advanced Testing Procedures
Spellman utilizes custom-designed test fixtures for internal testing of inverter modules, filament assemblies, and high voltage multipliers. Completed units are tested under their full range of line and load conditions to fully documented test procedures and acceptance criteria. When indicated, we design dedicated test fixtures for customer specific applications.

Typically our power supplies are burned in at 100% of both rated and voltage current output to insure field reliability. 


US ISO 9001:2015

UK ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

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ISO 9001:2015


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