Series PFE - SB

  • 3kV~20kVのバージョンがございます。
  • 24kWを消費可能なローカルまたはリモート制御の電気テスト負荷
  • 電圧と電流の上昇率と下降率
  • 電気コーディング機能のオプション
  • プログラム可能な電気コーディング機能
  • データロギング機能内蔵
  • アラームとトリップ機能

*注: すべての仕様は予告なく変更される場合があります。最新版についてはこのデータシートの 英語PDF をご覧ください。

Shipborne Power Feed Equipment (PFE)

(Ref. 128144-001 REV. A)

Spellman High Voltage is the leading independent supplier of Power Feed Equipment to the Telecom industry and most frequently utilized power supplies for shipborne uses. Our shipborne Power Feed Equipment (PFE-SB) is known for its reliability and quality. It is used with repeatered fiber optic cable systems for telecommunications and has been installed on numerous cable laying ships around the world.


Output Voltage and Current:

Voltage 1 Slave 2 Slaves 3 Slaves 5 Slaves
10kV 1.3A 2.0A 2.5A  
12kV 1.1A 1.65A 2.2A  
15kV 0.8A 1.2A 1.6A  
20kV   1.0A   2.0A

Note: Each system has 1 Master generator and X Slaves

Input Voltage:
220Vac 3 phase
380/415/440Vac 3 phase via autotransformer

Current Ripple:
10mA peak to peak of maximum output

Voltage Ripple:
0.25% p-p of maximum output, voltage or current regulated

Current Stability:
0.1% (constant load) after a 4 hour warm up

Operating Temperature:
5 to 40°C operating

Storage Temperature:
-40 to +85°C storage

5% to 85%, non-condensing

Forced Air

68.93”H x 70.86”W x 31.49”D (1751mm x 1800mm x 800mm)

900 pounds (410kg)

Regulatory Approvals:
Compliant to 2014/EU (Low Voltage Directive)

Key Features:

Clamp/Safety Chassis:
Protects the repeaters/cable and PFE. A HV relay and dump circuit will quickly and safely discharge the system in case of emergency shutdown.

Output Control:
Using either the Master front panel or SMT; the system output can be operated in constant current or constant voltage control and as a feed for a single end, double end or branched line.

Advanced Touchscreen Control and Monitoring SystemSystem Management Terminal (SMT):
An advanced touchscreen control and monitoring system, the SMT can be installed within the PFE cabinets or remotely up to 80m from the PFE.

Features include:

  • Full output control and monitoring
  • Ramp up and down in current or voltage control User set alarm and trip system|
  • Output voltage and current logging
  • Event logging
  • Tone generator 10-40Hz

Patch Panel:
User configurable interconnects from Converter(s) to Electronic Load or Cable Termination Cubicles (CTC’s).

Electronic Load:
Fully isolated and actively adjustable resistance by a user. The electronic load allows input voltages from 600V to 12,000V in either polarity.

Interlock System:
Full protection for user and connected equipment. All PFE access panels and patch panel connections are interlocked. External connection terminals provided to allow connection to CTCs, associated equipment or external E-Stop circuits.

Dimensions: in.[mm]

Typical PFE24SB shown

System Management Terminal (SMT) & Patch Panel

PFE SB System Management Terminal

Optional Terminal Cable

Optional Cable Termination Cubicle (CTC12/377):
Used to safely accommodate half joints and bare cables for installation and repairs. The CTC provides a safe, interlocked enclosure for connection of the PFE HV to the cable conductors. 2 clamps and strain relief allow the fiber core to be separated and safely routed out of the box to external optical equipment.