XRB301 Monoblock® Промышленные рентгеновские генераторы (featured)

XRB160PN480/CT Monoblock®

  • Интегрированный высоковольтный источник, источник питания накала, рентгеновская трубка, окно выхода пучка и управляющая электроника
  • Компактность и малый вес
  • Возможность установки с любой ориентацией в пространстве
  • стандартный цифровой интерфейс RS-232

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160kV, 480W Monoblock® Промышленные рентгеновские генераторы

Spellman’s XRB160PN480/CT Monoblock® X-Ray source is designed for OEM applications powering its internal X-Ray tube up to 160kV at 480W. Features like small package size and RS-232 digital interface simplify integrating this Monoblock® into your X-Ray system. Standard models are available with fan shaped beam geometry. Proprietary emission control circuitry provides excellent regulation of X-Ray tube current, along with outstanding stability performance.

Типовые применения:

  • Рентгеновское сканирование: контроль качества пищевых продуктов, контроль уровня заполнения, системы безопасности.

CE Marking

Технические характеристики

(Ref. 128083-001 REV. J)

X-Ray Characteristics:

Tube Type:  Glass tube, Tungsten target, Be filter

Focal Spot:  0.8mm x 0.8mm (IEC336)

Beam Filter:  1.75mm of glass, 1mm of Al, and 10mm of oil

Beam Geometry:  Symmetrical fan 105° ±3° x 4° ±1°

Input Voltage:

Monoblock®: 100-240Vac ±10%, 50/60Hz, 6.5A max

Heat Dissipation Unit: 24Vdc, 3A

X-Ray Tube Voltage:

Nominal X-Ray tube voltage is adjustable between 20kV to 160kV

X-Ray Tube Current:

0.3mA to 6mA over specified tube voltage range

X-Ray Tube Power:

320W continuous, 480W peak

Voltage Regulation:

Line: ±0.1% for a ±10% input line change of nominal input line voltage

Load: ±0.1% for a 0.3mA to 6mA load change

Voltage Accuracy:

Voltage measured across the X-Ray tube is within ±1% of the programmed value

Voltage Risetime:

Ramp time shall be <1 second from 1% to 90% of rated output

Voltage Overshoot:

Within 5% of rated voltage

Voltage Ripple:

0.1% p p of rated voltage @ ≤1kHz

Current Regulation:

Line: ±0.5%

Load: ±0.5%

Current Accuracy:

Current measured through the X-Ray tube is within ±1% of the programmed value

Current Risetime:

<1 second from 1% to 90% of rated output 

Arc Intervention:

4 arcs in 10 seconds = Shutdown

Filament Configuration:

Internal high frequency AC filament drive with closed loop filament emission control

Digital Interface:


Control Software:

A demo GUI for engineering evaluations will be provided for the RS-232 digital interface upon request.

Interlock Signals:

A hardware interlock functions in digital programming modes.

Operating Temperature:

0°C to +40°C

Storage Temperature:

-40°C to +70°C


5% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing


Heat exchanger w/fan and oil pump, powered from AC

Input Line Connector:

3 pin Phoenix Contact part no. 1829167

Digital Interface Connector:

9 pin D, female

Grounding Point:

8-32 ground stud provided on chassis


24.00˝ x 16.00˝ x 6.50˝ (609.60mm x 406.40mm x 165.10mm)


125lbs (49.5kg) ±10lbs (±4.5kg)


Can be mounted in any orientation.

X-Ray Leakage:

Not to be greater than 0.5mR/hr at 5cm outside the external surface 

Special Features:

Stationary or rotating CT application up to 90rpm at a max. radius of 24.75˝ (629mm) Corporate


Pin Signal Parameters
1 Line Line
3 Neutral Neutral


Pin Signal Parameters
1 X-Ray +24Vdc = enable X-Ray
2 X-Ray Return X-Ray Return
3 N/C No Connection
4 kV Monitor Output 0 to 9Vdc = 0 to 100% Rated Voltage
5 SGND Signal Ground
6 mA Monitor Output 0 to 9Vdc = 0 to 100% Rated Current
7 Fault Open Collector, Open = No Fault
8 Relay N/C HV On, 50V @ 1A maximum
9 Relay Common HV On, 50V @ 1A maximum
10 Relay N/O HV On, 50V @ 1A maximum


Pin Signal Parameters
1 N/C No Connection
2 Transmit Data Conforms to E/A RS-232-C
3 Receive Data Conforms to E/A RS-232-C
4 N/C No Connection
5 SGND Signal Ground
6 N/C No Connection
7 N/C No Connection
8 N/C No Connection
9 N/C No Connection

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