SpellmanHV XRB100 Monoblock® Integrated X-Ray Source

XRB100N100 Monoblock® Industrial X-Ray Generators

  • Интегрированный высоковольтный источник, источник питания накала, рентгеновская трубка, окно выхода пучка и управляющая электроника
  • Компактность и малый вес
  • Универсальный вход, коррекция коэффициента мощности с внутренним фильтром электромагнитных помех
  • Возможность установки с любой ориентацией в пространстве
  • Аналоговый интерфейс управления и стандартный цифровой интерфейс RS232

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100kV, 100W X-Ray Source

Spellman’s XRB100N100 Monoblock® X-Ray source is designed for OEM applications powering its internal X-Ray tube up to 100kV at 100W. Features like universal input, small package size and a standard analog and RS-232 digital interface simplify integrating this Monoblock® into your X-Ray system. Proprietary emission control circuitry provides excellent regulation of X-Ray tube current, along with outstanding stability performance.

Типовые применения:

Рентгеновское сканирование: контроль качества пищевых продуктов, контроль уровня заполнения, системы безопасности.

Технические характеристики

(Ref. 128072-001 REV. J)

X-Ray Characteristics:

Tube Type: Stationary anode, tungsten target

Focal Spot: 0.5mm (IEC 336)

Beam Filter: Lexan: 3.2mm

Oil: 10mm ±0.1mm

Glass: 1.8mm max

Beam Geometry: Symmetrical fan 74° x 10° ±1°

Input Voltage:

Power factor corrected input 0.98, 100-240Vac ±10% 50/60Hz, 2A, maximum

X-Ray Tube Voltage:

Nominal X-Ray tube voltage is adjustable between 40kV to 100kV

X-Ray Tube Current: 

100uA to 1mA over specified tube voltage range

X-Ray Tube Power:

100W, maximum continuous

Voltage Regulation:

Line: ±0.1% of maximum output voltage over a ±10% change of nominal input line voltage 

Load: ±0.1% of maximum rated voltage for 100uA to 1mA load change

Voltage Accuracy:

Voltage measured across the X-Ray tube is within ±2% of the programmed value

Voltage Risetime:

Ramp time shall be 1 second from 10% to 90% of maximum rated output voltage

Voltage Overshoot:

5% of maximum voltage, to return within 2.5% of maximum voltage in less than 50ms

Voltage Ripple:

0.5% peak to peak of maximum voltage for frequencies ≤ 1kHz

Emission Current Parameters Current Regulation:

Line:  ±0.5% of rated output current over a ±10% change of nominal input line voltage  

Load:  ±0.5% of rated output current for a change from 50% to 100% of rated output voltage

Current Accuracy:

Current measured through the X-Ray tube is within ±1% of the programmed value

Current Risetime:

Ramp time shall be 1 second from 10% to 90% of maximum rated current

Arc Intervention:

3 arcs in 10 seconds with a 200ms quench = Shutdown

Filament Configuration:

Internal high frequency AC filament drive with closed loop filament emission control

Analog Interface:

Ground referenced 0 to 9Vdc for all programming and monitoring signals. Relay contacts and open collector signals for other signals. See analog interface connector pin out table.

Digital Interface:

Jumpers are needed to be configured and the digital interface cable installed to enable the RS-232 interface.

Control Software:

A demo GUI is available for engineering evaluations.


A hardware interlock functions in both analog and digital programming modes. The hardware X-Ray Enable signal only functions in analog programming mode.

Operating Temperature:

0°C to +40°C

Storage Temperature:

-40°C to +70°C


10% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing


Forced air and natural convection augmented by customer provided external cooling fan to maintain oil temperature below 55°C.

Input Line Connector:

3 pin, Phoenix Contact 1829167, SHV part number 105725-219. Mating connector Phoenix Contact #1805990, SHV part number 105808-475 provided with unit.

Analog Interface Connector: 

15 pin D connector, male

Digital Interface Connector:

9 pin D connector, female

Grounding Point:

8-32 ground stud provided on chassis


See page 3 of 3


55lbs (25kg)


Can be mounted in any orientation.

X-Ray Leakage:

Not to be greater than 0.5mR/hr at 5cm outside the external surface.


Pin Signal
1 Earth Ground
2 Line
3 Neutral

Mating connector provided with unit


Pin Signal Parameters
1 N/C No Connection
2 TD Transmit Data
3 RD Receive Data
4 N/C No Connection
5 SGND Signal Ground
6 NC No Connection
7 NC No Connection
8 NC No Connection
9 NC No Connection


Pin Signal Parameters
1 Power Supply Fault Output
Open collector, 35V @ 10mA max. high = no fault
2 mA Program Input 0 to 9.00Vdc = 0 to 100% rated output, Zin =10MΩ
3 kV Program Input 0 to 9.00Vdc = 0 to 100% rated output, Zin =10MΩ
4 X-Ray On Lamp Relay Output Common, dry contacts, 30Vdc @ 1A, max
5 X-Ray On Lamp Relay Output Normally open, X-Ray ON = closed
6 mA Monitor Output 0 to 9Vdc = 0 to 100% rated output, Zout =10kΩ
7 X-Ray On Lamp Relay Output Normally closed, X-Ray ON = open
8 kV Monitor Output 0 to 9.00Vdc = 0 to 100% rated output, Zout =10kΩ
9 Signal Ground Ground
10 Signal Ground Ground
11 HV Interlock Return Input Connect to Pin 12 to close HV interlock
12 HV Interlock Output +15Vdc @ open, 5mA when connected to pin 11
13 X-Ray Enable Output +15Vdc @ open, 5mA when connected to pin 15
14 X-Ray Status Output Open collector, 35V @ 10mA max high = X-Ray OFF
15 X-Ray Enable Return Input Connect to pin 13 to enable X-Ray generation


Indicator Signal Name Condition Illuminated When...
LED 1 OV High kV occurs
LED 2 UV Low kV occurs
LED 3 UC Low mA occurs
LED 4 OC High mA occurs
LED 5 ARC FLT Arc fault occurs
LED 6 OT Over temperature occurs
LED 7 X-RAY ON X-Rays are enabled
LED 8 PWR Power is ON

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