PDM Monoblock® パノラマ歯科 X線ジェネレーター (featured)


  • 内蔵型フィラメント、管、ビームポートを備えるX線源
  • 制御電子回路外付け
  • 小型軽量
  • アナログまたはデジタルのコントロールインターフェイス

*注: すべての仕様は予告なく変更される場合があります。最新版についてはこのデータシートの英語PDFをご覧ください。




  • 歯科用X線: パノラマおよびCTイメージング


(Ref. 128109-001 REV. D)

X-Ray Tube Characteristics:

Target Angle: 5 degrees

Focal Spot: 0.5mm nominal

Beam Filtration: 3.0mm of Al equivalent

Beam Geometry: see page 3

X-Ray Tube Voltage:

Nominal X-Ray tube voltage is adjustable between 50kV to 90kV

Voltage Regulation:

Line: ±0.5% for a ±1V change of nominal input line voltage

Load: ±0.1% for a load change of 25µA to maximum rated current

X-Ray Tube Current:

1mA to 10mA over specified tube voltage range

Current Regulation:

Line: ±0.5% for a ±1V change of nominal input line voltage

Load: ±0.5% for a voltage change of 35kV to 80kV

X-Ray Tube Power:

900 watts peak power 

Duty Cycle:

CT (Pulsed): ≤ 45 seconds scan time cycle at up to 40 pulses per second available 

Panoramic (Continuous): Maximum scan time = 30s, with 60s off-time. Five consecutive scans

Input Voltage:

100-240Vac ±10% 50/60 Hz, 10 amps RMS maximum


The RS-232 serial communications interface will be used to program and monitor output voltage and current, control various functions and report status and faults.

Digital Interface Connector:

RS-232: 9 pin D connector, male 

Operating Temperature:

0°C to +40°C

Storage Temperature:

-20°C to +70°C


5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing


Tank: Convection

Controller: Forced air via provided fan


X-Ray Tank: 9.7"W X 7.7"H X 4.7"D (247mm X 195mm X 119mm)

Inverter/Controller: 7.10"W X 9.80"H X 3.60"D (180mm X 250mm X 92mm) 


X-Ray Tank: 17lbs (7.7kg)

Inverter/Controller: 6.5lbs (3kg)

X-Ray Leakage:

Less than 100mR/hour (or <1mGy/hr) @ 1meter from the Monoblock® surface.

Regulatory Approvals:

Compliant to EMC 60601-1-2 (external EMC filter and shielding required). UL/CUL recognized file E242584.

Pin Signal Parameters
1 X-Ray Ready/Sync +5 V Logic
2 X-Ray Enable +5 V Logic
3 + X-ray Signal (Exgate) +5VDC = Enable X-Ray, Low (or Open) = Disable X-Ray
4 Signal Ground Signal Ground
5 VMTR Signal (KV monitor) Voltage: 0 to +5.00 V max, Scale Factor: 0 – 5.00 Vdc = 0 to 100 kV
6 Signal Ground Signal Ground
7 IMTR Signal (mA monitor) Voltage: 0 to +5.00 V max, Scale Factor: 0 – 5.00 Vdc = 0 – 12.1mA
8 Fault Signal Output signal: Open Collector, High (Open) = No Fault
9 HV ON Lamp, Relay N/O Relay Normally Open, Dry contacts rated 1A or less will handle a nominal 50mA DC load.
10 HV ON Lamp, Common Common


Pin Signal Parameters
1 N/C No Connection
2 TX Transmit Data
3 RX In Receive Data
4 N/C No Connection
5 SGND Signal Ground
6 N/C No Connection
7 N/C No Connection
8 N/C No Connection
9 N/C No Connection


Indicator Signal Name Condition Illuminated When...
LED 1 OV High kV occurs
LED 2 UV Low kV occurs
LED 3 UC Low mA occurs
LED 4 OC High mA occurs
LED 5 ARC FLT Arc fault occurs
LED 6 OT Over temperature occurs
LED 7 PW (Pulse mode) Pulse mode selected
LED 8 CW (CW mode) CW mode selected
LED 9 CW (CW mode) X-Ray is ON

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