Dose Reporting

NX Quality Assurance Helps Maintain Consistent Image Quality And Minimized Patient Doses

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Healthcare institutions, like all other businesses, manage what they measure. AGFA and Spellman have made organizations pursuing the “As Low As Reasonably Achievable” (ALARA) mandate as easy as possible by including powerful dose reporting tools as part of the standard AGFA MUSICA™ Acquisition Workstation, DR detector and Spellman HFe solution. The system also offers optional Dose Area Product Measuring Chambers and advanced dose management tools.

The standard AGFA-Spellman solution includes all the information on operator, procedure and dose amounts. This enables the administrators to make quantitative data decisions and allows changes to be benchmarked against prior reports on a single system. The optional advanced dose reporting feature allows the site to have up to 5 MUSICA™ workstations report to a licensed administrator PC. The data can then be compared between the systems, and modality-wide best practices can be implemented and calibrated using empirical measurements.

AGFA Work Station HFe