Selecting an AGFA DR system has never been easier than when buying it from Spellman. Spellman stocks the DR14eC and DR17eC series detectors at our Long Island facility. They will arrive fully staged and ready to go, minimizing the set up time required in the field thus reducing the clinic’s or hospital’s down time, allowing your business to turn over the high quality radiography equipment to the user in less time than ever before.

Spellman offers single DR14eC which is a wireless 14” by 17” (35 cm by 43 cm)detector with a Cesium conversion screen. This is perfect for most sites as it meets the DIN standard for an X-Ray film cassette of the same size. These detectors work with most of your X-Ray positioning accessories with no further modification.

In addition, Spellman offers a single DR17eC which is a wireless 17”by 17” (43 cm by 43 cm) detector which gives the site a true full field X-Ray image and drops right into a standard film drawer. No further handling to orient the detector prior to exposure is required.

The gold standard for simplicity, workflow and functionality is a 2 detector solution combining the DR14eC detector and the DR17eC detector. This allows the site to have a truly portable function for table top imaging or exposures using positioning accessories as well as the full field detector for bucky work.

  • Multiple configurations in stock, ready to ship
  • All units shipped from Spellman have been configured and staged minimizing the set-up time required to turn the system over to the hospital or clinic
  • Spellman is offering the MUSICA™ Acquisition Workstation with the DR and DX-D family detectors
  • Full Leg, Full Spine Imaging options available allowing long bone and scoliosis imaging simply and efficiently
  • Dose reporting functions included and comprehensive modality and enterprise level tools available
  • Single, dual and multiple detector configurations available

AGFA Work Station HFe