Spellman AGFA Hfe+Musica... widely configurable, simple integration, pre-staged and tested

The Spellman AGFA Hfe+Musica solution is a widely configurable, simply integrated solution that is fully pre-staged and tested to eliminate unnecessary technical onsite support. Spellman provides dedicated system-level engineering expertise, the ability for dealer deployed remote diagnostics and repair, quick turn service parts and support, and an available five-year warranty.

The implementation of the Spellman AGFA Hfe+Musica solution ensures a streamlined install and time to operation, as well as minimizing installation costs.


Integrated configurations sold and supported throughout the US by Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation

  • Multiple configurations in stock
  • All units are staged and configured so they work right out of the box minimizing downtime
  • Worklist ordered protocols set the generator automatically improving equipment utilization and allowing the RT to fully concentrate on the patient and not on setting up the exposures or receptors
  • Synchronous mode of operation eliminates the risk of false triggering, partially detected images or mistimed images
  • Proven HFe generator. Long established as the choice of OEMs including AGFA

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