Benefits of Integration

AGFA-Spellman Integration Offers Seamless Transition Into Your Clinical Environment

Seamless transition into your clinical environment…. That’s what generator integration is all about. The Spellman–AGFA partnership takes the MUSICA™ Acquisition Workstation, the long established benchmark in image quality, and enhances the workflow by embedding full APR driven generator controls into the software.

This allows your site to maximize its throughput and productivity while minimizing operator errors. Because the system is intuitive, it allows for a broad range of radiographic technicians to use the system with minimal experience or complications.

  • Seamless transition into your clinical environment
  • Enhanced workflow with full APR driven generator controls
  • Automated radiographic technique set up
  • Maximized throughput and productivity
  • Reduced chance of error or false triggering
  • Intuitive interface great for less experienced technicians

AGFA Work Station HFe