National Prize of Power and Light Saving Awarded to Spellman de Mexico

5月 01, 2017

Matamoros, Mexico - The Mexican Government, through the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) and Secretary of Energy (SENER), awarded Spellman de Mexico, S.A, de CV the Second Place Award in the National Prize of Power and Light Saving competition.

The award is an annual public recognition for industries, businesses, services, micro and small shops, educational institutions and research centers that prove outstanding efforts and achievements in the rational and efficient consumption of electricity during the preceding year.The National Prize of Power and Light Saving competition

The total number of participants since its creation is 1,366, representing a grand total saving of 2,307 GWh/year.

Spellman de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. applied for Category B, middle size industry, and was awarded 2nd. Place for the XVII edition, calendar year 2016.


  • Installation of a high efficiency gas chiller
  • Air conditioning Automatization
  • Lighting control and automatization
  • Power Factor correction
  • Automatized system for power demand
  • Dry-fall white water base paint applied on ceilings and structures
  • Courses, training sessions and seminars to personnel on saving and efficient use of electricity


  • Before: 3,315,937 kWh/year
  • Current: 2,214,684 kWh/year
  • Consumption reduction: -33.21%
  • Demand reduction: -40.30%
  • Decrease of energetic index: -36.39%
  • CO2 emission reduction: 632 Tons

These achievements in energy efficiency help the electric production sector to reduce the need to expand or build new generating plants as well as transmission and distribution systems, allowing the transfer of excess production to society in general.

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